Is the henna dye permanent, or does it fade with washings?

it does not fade with washings

  • Henna is the most permanent dye. Once it is deposited in the hair fiber, it never fades. At most, it can lose color intensity, but only after 30 or 40 washes.
  • Also, it has a cumulative effect. It means that as the color doesn’t fade, at the moment of refreshing it, you’ll only have to touch up your roots so that the color difference between the growth and the lengths is unnoticeable.
  • As henna is permanent, you should carefully consider using it. Its pigments are so resistant that they’re difficult to remove. I’ll tell you more about that in a few seconds.


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Are you planning to color your hair with henna? Then, let me ask you a couple of questions.

  • Do you like to change hair color very often?
  • Are you used to applying hair color and not waiting more than twenty or thirty minutes for it to develop?
  • When you make a mistake with your hair color, do you usually correct it within a few days?


Little girl,  if you answered yes to any of these questions, henna dye is not for you.  Do you know why?


Because henna dye is permanent.

When we talk about henna, I mean 100% natural henna from the leaves of a plant called Lassonia Inermis. They are dried and ground to a powder.


 As it’s permanent, it doesn’t disappear with washings. In fact, it doesn’t even fade away. 

Yes, henna pigments are very persistent. In addition to being long-lasting, they are almost indestructible because they are not easily removed, even after a process such as bleaching.
So, for whom would henna dye be a good alternative?

  • People who don’t want to worry about color touch ups.
  • For those who are very confident about the color they want for their hair  Once henna is applied, there is no turning back. 
  • For women looking for a durable and vibrant color such as black, brown, orange, or red.

So, are you in any of those groups?


If you are, please keep reading because I’ll tell you:

  • Why henna is a permanent color
  • Three brands of henna dyes that ensure extra durability

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Why is henna a permanent color?

before applying it

Henna is a dye, but it works very differently from traditional ones because it gets interwoven with the keratin in the hair. By mixing with the hair’s proteins, the pigments are more resistant and persistent.

Do you know what other benefits you get from coloring your hair with henna, besides the color duration?


Henna forms a kind of “coat” on the outside of the hair fiber, thickening it and protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun and substances.

So if you’re determined to color your hair and are looking for long-lasting color, henna dye is for you.


  • In addition,  it has a cumulative effect. It means that each time you apply henna, the color will be more intense and deeper. 

Therefore, you’ll not need to touch it up every 3 or 4 weeks as with permanent dyes, or every 2 or 3 weeks like semi-permanent dyes. Henna does not fade or wear out.


What happens when the hair grows back after henna is applied?

The wonder continues because, as the hair grows, it’s not necessary to dye the whole surface of the hair again. You simply have to touch up your roots to keep the color even for months.


  • However, color duration may also become a disadvantage if you get tired of the color and want to choose another shade.
  Removing henna from hair is an almost impossible task.  Even as a stylist, I think twice and even three times before removing the pigments from henna colored hair.


  • You should also note that  the henna color palette is very limited. It has only dark, medium, copper and red shades.  

Are you absolutely sure you want the henna permanent coloring?


Then read on, because I’ll tell you the three 100% natural henna colors that you can use in your hair.


Three 100% organic henna colors

deep red hair dye

As I told you at the beginning, once you make the decision to color your hair with henna permanently,  you have to choose organic and natural henna dyes. 

If you don’t have experience buying henna, here is a list of the most reliable brands.


  • The Henna Guys

This henna powder is perfect for coloring your hair if you want to move forward with coloring that lasts a long, long time.

It contains no metal salts or other chemicals that can damage your hair. However, it can be a bit tricky to prepare, as you have to mix the powder with tea or coffee for 8-10 hours before application and leave it on your hair for 3 hours.

However, the results and smoothness of the product are worth the effort. In addition to the very vibrant orange-red, you can find colors such as reddish-brown and burgundy.


  • Hanna Natural

It’s a 100% natural henna dye in powder form, which also offers you a super comfortable presentation. It is divided into two bags, which is a great advantage.

The manufacturer claims that  most users only need 50 grams to color a full head of medium length hair. 

You can get beautiful copper colors, although it’ll always depend on your base color.


  • Silk and Stone

Usually, henna dyes are a bit coarse and difficult to apply. However, Silk and Stone is a bit softer and easier to work with. I recommend it if you are starting to take your first steps in applying henna.



Henna is a permanent natural coloring that doesn’t fade with washings. Therefore, it lasts indefinitely and can be used for years, only touching up the roots.

If you’re tired of maintaining traditional dyes and chemicals, henna dye is for you.

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