Can You Use Purple Shampoo on Red Hair? Can it really ruin the color?

with orange highlights

Are you asking yourself if you should use purple shampoo on your red hair?


Well, I asked myself the same question after deciding that I wanted to be a part of the redhead gang.

I will give you a quick answer, but you should dive deeper into it.


 If you have hair dyed red and some orange pieces pop up, you should use a purple shampoo to make them disappear. 


This is pure color theory, which I will explain to you further on.

When I got my passionate red color in my hair, I thought I could touch the sky with my hands.

It was really the color that I had wanted all my life. For women, the image that we have of ourselves is determined by how we see ourselves and how we feel in front of the mirror.


And with that fire red in my hair, I felt more full, more powerful. I went out in public and felt like I could eat the world.

 What I didn’t know was that it would be so difficult to maintain that red in my hair. It was as difficult as maintaining the passion in a marriage.  


At first, I would run to the salon every twenty days to keep it as vibrant as I wanted.

But after three months, my wallet started to fall into a state of constant depression. I couldn’t keep up the luxury of spending money at the salon to keep my hair dyed red as I wanted.


So, I discovered a trick: toning shampoos. And among them, purple shampoo.

 That’s why, if you are a redhead and you want to know how to use purple shampoo on your hair, I invite you to keep reading.  


Because I can help you to spend less money in the beauty salon and so that you keep your red hair so audacious and vibrant like the first day you colored it.

Or you can stop reading and end up with your red hair looking like a disaster.

The decisión is yours.


But, if you keep reading, you will learn:

  • Why purple shampoo will become your red hair’s best friend
  • In what cases you should use purple shampoo and in which ones you shouldn’t
  • Other advice for caring for your red hair


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Why purple shampoo is going to turn into your red hair’s best friend

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As I said to you before, maintaining red in your hair is a lot of work.

Because the color molecules that permeate the hair cuticles fade quickly.

And this is influenced by the frequency that you wash it. Also, the sun’s rays oxidize the molecules very quickly.


That’s why, in hair dyed red, orange, or copper, chunks of hair tend to appear.

And that’s where colorimetry comes into play with its famous color wheel.


In the color Wheel, we can appreciate complementary tones and their opposites.

The colors opposite orange and yellow are blue and violet.


Because the colors are opposite, when they both are present, in some way, they cancel each other out.


In other words, the purple/blue color will cancel out orange and yellow tones.


 In my case, the chunks that appeared after twenty days of having dyed my hair were orange.  

And the truth is, they were horrible. They gave my hair an oxidized look, which makes me want to never go out in public.

But then, I read somewhere about the benefits of using purple shampoo to free me from those orange chunks.


When I checked the price, many of them were on the market, and they are pretty cheap, so I decided to try out their efficiency for myself.

After all, if it worked, I could save a good amount of money from going to the salon.

Do you want to know if the purple shampoo worked in my red hair?


I’ll tell you, but first, let me tell you how I used the shampoo in my hair.


How to use purple shampoo in red hair

First and foremost, I want to warn you that this is not a shampoo for daily use.

Because it tends to really try out the hair.


 When I notice that some orange chunks start to threaten to appear in my hair, which is more or less fifteen days after dyeing it, I use it for the first time. 

And after, I use it every three or four days, alternating it with my normal sulfate-free shampoo for dyed hair.

What I get with this is basically the need to go to the beauty salon every month and a half or a little more.


Before using purple shampoo, I always do the first wash with my normal shampoo. This makes it, so the accumulated dirt and oil disappear.

Also, the cuticles remain open so that the purple shampoo deposits the color.


Before opening the shampoo, I carefully looked at which parts of the hair needing toning.

After I make a lot of foam with the purple shampoo on these parts, I let it sit for three or four minutes.

 Please! Don’t let it sit for longer because your hair will end up partially blue, and that is not what we want.  


After rinsing my hair with a lot of warm water, I use a good sulfate-free conditioner, which will seal the hair cuticles, trapping the color and the shine.


Now, you know how, when, and why to use purple shampoo on hair dyed red.

But in my long life as a redhead, I learned some other tricks to keep my red hair looking vibrant.

And I’m ready to tell you all of them, completely free.

Are you still with me?


Advice to care for hair dyed red

  • Always wait 48 hours before washing your hair with shampoo after applying the red dye

This will give your hair time to absorb the color molecules completely and to seal the hair back up so that the color doesn’t prematurely escape.


  • Use sulfate-free hair products

All sulfate products and those with a high salt content make the color fade quickly from your hair. So, it’s key that you use sulfate- and salt-free shampoos. They tend to be a bit more expensive, but your hair is worth it, right?


Also, avoid formulas with parabens, always when possible.


  • Pay special attention to the moisturization and hydration of your hair

Moisturize your hair regularly with masks for your hair because they are the best to maintain the hair’s natural moisture.

I recommend that you use them twice a week minimum. If you want, I’ll tell you something else.


I spent a fortune on commercial masks until I discovered the benefits of coconut oil. I bought organic coconut oil, I’ll warn you again that it’s more expensive, but my hair thanked me with a smile.

It is smooth and shiny, a blessed, shiny red that makes me more passionate about life every day.


  • Change how frequently you wash your hair

The red dye molecules are bigger than the molecules of other colors, which is why it fades more quickly.

Washing your hair is the quickest way for premature bleaching of your hair, and with red hair dye, it’s even more of a problem.


Use a dry shampoo every ten days, as well as a leave-in conditioner.

These formulas are used without needing water and will keep your scalp and hair clean and fresh.


  • Lastly, incorporate purple shampoo into your life

And always try to choose one with a strong violet color because they work more effectively in general.


Have you ever used purple shampoo before?

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