I dyed my hair blonde and it came out orange. Do you have a solution?

hair turned orange bleach

A lot of women that dye their hair blonde end up with orange hair. Today, I’m going to tell you why that happens and what to do to fix it. How can you get rid of that horrible orange tone in your hair so that it ends up a beautiful blonde tone? That is what I’m going to tell you here.
Hi Carina. I need your help.

I dyed my hair blonde and it ended up orange.

Do you have a solution?


This above is a question that I got a few days ago on my personal Whatsapp.

Yes, personal.

The one I use to talk to my husband, my kids, or my mother.

The most incredible part is that the girl had absolutely no idea. I don’t know where she got my phone number.

black hair has red undertones

Writing a blog like this one has its good things and its bad.

The good is that it helps me to meet incredible people, just as much colleagues as clients.

It also allows me to discover new products and treatments that I definitely wouldn’t have if I didn’t write this blog.

I could go on all afternoon naming the incredible benefits of having a space on the web to share my knowledge and opinions, but like everything in this world, there is also a negative cost.

One of the negatives is that every day, I receive dozens of consults to my personal Whatsapp.


I always try to be as respectful as possible and respond to all the consults, but sometimes they are too much. If I responded to each of the questions I get, I would have to dedicate all day to it. As you can imagine, I still have to work, take my kids to school, cook food and so many other activities.

red undertones pigments

At any rate, this girl’s question is repeated often, so I decided to write an article about that topic. In this way, every time someone asks me this question, I send them this article.


Many women who want to dye their hair blonde end up with orange hair.

Today I’m going to tell you why it happens and how you can fix it.


How do you get rid of that horrible orange tone in your hair so that a more beautiful blonde tone shows?

This is what we’re going to see today.


Why did your hair turn orange?

The first step is understanding why your hair turned orange.


Let’s suppose that one day you decide to paint the walls of your house red.

After two years, you are tired of red and decide to paint the walls black.

After four years, you are tired of black and decide to paint your walls white.

Now your walls have various layers of different colors: red, black and white.


A similar thing happens with our hair.

That hair color that you see in the mirror is a combination of various colors.

On one hand, our hair has a visible color that can be black, brunette, or blonde, etc and then there is the base color or underlying color.

ash blonde highlights

The hair on the left is still very orange. In order to get to the blonde that you see on the right, it’s necessary to bleach it again.

If your hair is black, it has a large quantity of dark red base pigment.

If your hair is brunette, it has an orange base pigment.

When we strip te color from our hair, what we are doing is discovering or revealing the base tone.


Are you starting to understand why your hair turned orange?

If your hair is not yellow, you can’t dye it blonde because it’s not clear enough. It’s like trying to paint a black wall white.

If you want to paint a black wall white, you have two options. Cover it with a lot of white paint, or get rid of the black color and then paint it white.

This is the same thing.


If your hair turned orange, it’s because it wasn’t bleached enough to get to blonde. In order to dye it blonde, first, we need to get rid of all the red pigment that is naturally in your hair. In order to do this when starting with black or dark hair, you need to bleach it two or three times.


The lighter your hair is naturally, less bleaching sessions are necessary to get to blonde. If your hair is a dark brown, only two bleaching is probably necessary.

from light orange to pretty blonde

The hair on the left is ready for toning. After applying a toner, the result looks like the picture on the right


How do you get rid of the orange in your hair so that it is blonde?

Let’s suppose that your hair is orange and you want it do be a beautiful blonde. In that case, what you have to do is bleach your hair again.


The color after bleaching should be a duck yellow. At that point, you have to tone the yellow with a violet toner.

Let’s review the steps.

Step 1

Bleach it again.

If after bleaching your hair is yellow, you can move on to step 2. If after the bleaching your hair is orange, you should bleach it again.

Step 2

Use a toner.

After bleacher, the resulting color will be very jarring. What you have to do is neutralize those harsh tones with a toner.  If the result of the bleaching is yellow, to tint it, you must use a toner like Wella T.18 or the equivalent in other brands.  


If you have doubts about what color toner to buy, I recommend that you talk with a professional colorist at a beauty salon or a in a hair product store.



If after following those steps we saw above, you were able to get the blonde color you desired, congratulations.

The work is not included, my friend.

Keeping your hair attractive when it’s dyed blonde is an everyday job.


If you are a person that doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your hair, or you are a bit untidy, it’s not a good idea for you to dye your hair such a light color.  In those cases, it may be better to go for an intermediate color.


Light colors like blonde are difficult to maintain because they are exposed to the chemicals of washing products and other external factors like climate.

So before you dye your hair blonde, you should stop and think, “do I really have time to dedicate to my hair?”

If the answer is no, you should consider a different color.


And that is all for today friends and readers.

If for any reason, you get my Whatsapp number, I kindly ask you not to send me messages. I prefer you to leave your question right here and believe me, as soon as I can, I will solve your problem.


You can ask me anything you would like.

About hair tones, creme developer, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

At ten at night when the boys go to bed and my husband starts watching his series on Netflix, I read and answer all the questions that come to me throughout the day.

So, I look forward to your questions.


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