How hot does a hair dryer get? What is the best temperature for drying hair?

a lot of heat can damage the hair

The maximum temperature that a hairdryer can reach is between 40 and 50°c.

Of course, this also depends on a lot of variables.

  • Room temperature
  • Power of the hair dryer
  • Distance between the hair dryer and your hair
  • What it’s made of
  • Type and Frequency of use
  • How old it is

For example, if the hair dryer is ten years old, this is going to affect how hot it can get.


Another fundamental factor to keep in mind with how hot a hairdryer can get is the distance from which you apple the heat and if you are using some instrument like a diffuser. A diffuser spreads out the concentration of heat.


Ah, and we haven’t forgotten the room temperature. A hairdryer doesn’t work the same if in a 5-degree room as a 25-degree room.

And lastly, it’s important to note that there are hundreds and hundreds of brands and models of hair dryers. There are professional ones like HSI and less-expensive, supermarket brands. That means that the exact maximum temperature will never be accurate.

Every once in awhile in the salon, I see many clients come in with dry hair, split ends, and even parts of their hair looking burnt.

application distance

I also listen to comments like the following:

“Carina, my hair looks terrible. I don’t know what to do anymore…”

“I always feel different when you dry my hair as opposed to when I dry it at home…”

“Why doesn’t your hairdryer burn me and the one I have at home I can only put up with for five minutes…”

“With the new hair dryer I bought, I feel like my hair is burning.”


I realize right away what the problem is.

They don’t know what the ideal temperature is for hair dryers so that it doesn’t damage their hair.


The truth is, the best thing is to use a hair dryer at medium heat, even though that will depend on the type of hair dryer or the kind of hair that you have.

It’s not the same drying, thin hair, and drying thick hair.


When you use a hair dryer, you put an invisible pressure on the hair shaft, which causes it to be weaker and more prone to breaking and split ends.

Thin hair is much more vulnerable to damage caused by the heat from the hair dryer since the hair fibers are naturally weaker and prone to breakage.


 If you have thin hair, never use it at the maximum temperature.     If you have thick hair, you should still be careful when using the maximum heat of your hair dryer.  


What I recommend is trying out the temperature of the hair dryer on the palm of your hand. The maximum temperature that you can handle without burning yourself or that is uncomfortable is what you should use on your hair.

That’s why I’m going to start to tell you the different types of hair dryers that exist today and what are the characteristics of each one.

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Which type of hairdryer is best to use, so you don’t burn your hair?

ceramic or tourmaline

The truth is, no type of hair dryer was designed to burn your hair.

It all has to do with how we manipulate the elements.


In today’s market, there are an infinite number of types of hair dryers and new technologies for hair care and beauty advance day after day.

How could you not use them to take advantage of the best they have to offer!

Let’s break it down bit by bit.


There are ionic and tourmaline hair dryers.

There are also hair dryers that come with different accessories, like the well-known diffusers.


Ionic hair dryers have a unique internal coating that helps distribute the heat uniformly.

Traditional hair dryers fling hot hair in an odd way, which causes the hair to dry out and get damaged.

Tourmaline hair dryers use infrared heat, drying the hair from the inside so that the cuticle doesn’t get damaged.


If you have to buy a hair dryer, I recommend the tourmaline kind.


Now that I explained to you what the different types of hair dryer technologies consist of, I’m going to teach you the best way to dry your hair to not damage it.


How to dry your hair without damaging it

When you finish washing your hair, the best thing to do is wrap it in a towel and wait fifteen to twenty minutes.

All the while, you can continue watching your favorite series or call your friend to tell her what happened last night.

Time flies by when we are talking with our friends.

When time is up, you will notice that your hair is already about 50% dry.


Waiting this time is very important because you prevent the hair from curling up from being dry.


Untangle your hair softly using a wide-toothed comb  Remember that wet hair is always weaker and more prone to breaking.  

Never apply heat from a hair dryer to your hair without untangling it first.


Place the hair dryer at medium heat. If you are in a hurry because your boy is about to show up, turn up the power and speed of the hair dryer but never the heat.

You should always keep the hair dryer moving, at least fifteen centimeters from the scalp.


Once your hair is completely dry, you should give it an injection of cold hair; most hair dryers have this option.

That cold hair will seal the cuticles and give a clean and shiny finish to the hairstyle.


If you are about to invest a part of your salary in a hair dryer, here I offer you some tips to choosing the best dryer for you.


Quick guide for buying a hair dryer according to your hair type

If you thought that you would find three or four models of hair dryers, prepare yourself for a surprise.

Even for me, it’s a pain to have to upgrade the hair dryers in my salon.

New technologies

New materials.

New colors.

New promises of hair drying perfection that won’t damage your hair.

But the reality is always the same.


Even using the best hair dryer with the best, cutting-edge technology, you should take care of your hair when you dry it, using the adequate temperature.

If you have thin hair, it doesn’t matter what kind of hair dryer, the power you should use is 1300 W. On the other hand, if your hair is thick, you can use a power of 2000 W.


Pay attention to the size and weight of the hair dryer. No one wants to end up with sore arms from the hair drying process.


If you have curly hair, I recommend investing in an Ionic hair dryer because that type of equipment reduces frizz.

For thin hair, I suggest using a hair dryer with a nozzle that allows you to concentrate the hot air current to your roots and avoid the half-hearted aspect of your hair.


Diffusors in curly hair have the advantage of defining the shape of the curls, give your hairstyle a cleaner finish.

When drying your hair with diffusers, you should always use low temperatures. Even though it will take longer to dry, it will prevent your hair from unnecessarily getting tangled.


Now, you know the basic rules to use a hair dryer correctly.

And you? At what temperature do you use your hairdryer?

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