What are the best hot rollers for long hair? And for short hair?


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Do you want to curl your hair using the famous hot rollers?



Before you run out to buy any set of hot rollers, you must choose the correct one.

Curling long hair is not the same as curling short hair. In the market, there are different types of hot rollers that are best suited for specific lengths of hair.

Since I have many clients who continuously write to me wondering which ones are the best for their hair, I decided to write this post.



  • If you have long hair, I recommend BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter rollers and the Revlon Curls To Go.

In long hair, they work great because they allow you to get large, defined curls without frizz in less time.


  • If your hair is short, I recommend Caruso Steam Hair Setter and Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers, because the small and medium rollers let you adjust them better.

Do you know what the benefit of using hot rollers is?


That, unlike curling irons, you don’t have to have much experience or skill in handling the rollers, and it is also faster to curl your hair.



Also, today’s hot rollers do not look anything like those used by our grandmothers, so they are convenient and easy to use.


Before you run out to buy your hot rollers, read the following information. I will tell you:

  • The best hot rollers for long hair
  • The best hot rollers for short hair
  • Five tricks to achieve perfect curls with hot rollers



Hot rollers for long hair

Your hair length and the type of curls you want should determine which set of hot rollers will work best for you.


For long hair, it is best to opt for hot rollers that will allow you to create large waves and give you greate volume, without the fear of frizzy curls.

You can find sets that contain rollers of the same size or different sizes, that will depend on the type of curly hairstyle you want to create.

Now, what if you have long, fine, and fragile hair?



 In that case, I recommend you choose a set of hot rollers that allow you to change their temperature. 

Are you ready to get started?


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter

hot rollers for long hair

For all those who work as hair care professionals, BaByliss products are a guarantee.


 This set is designed to be used in long hair, because you will get large curls in much less time. 

This BabylissPro set has 12 flocked rollers with nano titanium ceramic cores, which heat up in ten minutes and maintain the infrared heat that curls and seals the hair from the inside once they are in place.


The velvety material of the light rollers of approximately four centimeters creates an excellent grip on the hair; you can hold them firmly with metal clips.


In half an hour or so, the longer you leave them, the more effective they are, you will get long curly hair, without frizz or damaged ends.



Revlon Curls-To- GO

I found it convenient also to tell you about this product.

Do you know why I remembered it?


Sonia, one of my clients, works as a flight attendant on a major airline.

Sonia loves to curl her hair, but has not yet decided on a perm. She asked me how she could curl her hair between flights.

I recommended her this set of hot rollers, ideal for people who travel a lot.


This woman is continuously moving and needs to touch up her curls while traveling.

If you are like Sonia, either because you are a flight attendant, or because you have the joy of traveling a lot, Curls-to-Go is perfect for you.


  • The five medium-sized and five larger ceramic tourmaline corrugated rollers fit in a self-contained heating and storage bag.
  • They heat up quickly and use infrared and ionic technology to create beautiful waves and curls without frizz.
  • It even has an indicator on each roller that tells you when it is hot enough to be placed in the hair.


Also, and this is very important to me, the price of this set is reasonable, the results are excellent, and it is easy to take anywhere.



Don’t worry! I also have a selection of the best hot rollers for short hair.


Hot rollers for short hair

The most important thing, if you have short hair and want to curl it with hot rollers, is to choose the correct curl size.

You must focus more on the length and diameter of the curl than on other issues.


For short hair, rollers that are medium or small are the most useful.


Because a curler that is too large in terms of width, would not be a great idea, since it wouldn’t create any curl or wave.


Setter Caruso Molecular Steam Hair

Caruso thermal rollers are a classic. They are also the best set of hot rollers you can get for short hair.


 The best thing about this model is not only its price, but its quality in general, and how excellent it is for your hair. Its molecular steam technology ensures lasting curls. 

It comes with a steam capsule in which you have to heat distilled water to create steam and put each roller on it.


Then wrap each curl and secure it with a clip to your hair.

And if that were not easy enough, when working with steam, the heat does not damage your hair.

Caruso rollers come with a variety of sizes to choose from. However, I recommend that you =tochoose the smallest ones to curl your hair perfectly.


Conair Compact Hot-Size Hot Rollers

This hot roller set is not ionic, but it creates a balanced heat suitable for all hair types. So, if you are concerned that your fragile hair will get damaged, it will not.



  • To be more specific, this set of hot rollers comes with 20 rollers, all of which y on short hair.
  • The set has the following roller sizes: eight 1.25cm, six 1cm, and six 2.50cm.
  • So, even if your hair is short, you can curl it without any difficulty.


Now, whether you have short or long hair, it is always necessary to take into account some considerations so as not to run the risk of burning your hair.

Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading.


5 tricks to achieve perfect curls with hot rollers

  • Before using hot rollers, wash your hair, apply a good conditioner, and dry it completely. If to dry it you use a hairdryer, then apply a  heat protectant on your hair.
  • Start wrapping the rollers at the roots, as the straight ends will give you a more modern look and less like the Shirley Temple style. If you don’t know who she is, then you can get an idea of how old this style is.
  • Respect the application time. Do not be impatient. Hot rollers, even a curling system faster than curling irons, need their time. Watch a chapter of your favorite series on Netflix, or check your email.
  • Never brush your waves after removing the hot rollers! You will only get frizz. Instead, comb your curls with your fingers carefully.
  • If you notice that your ends feel a bit dry, add a few drops of a leave-in curl cream.



Now you know what types of hot rollers are the most suitable for long hair and short hair.

Which one will you choose?


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