The 4 best conditioners for bleached hair (the last one will surprise you)

breaks when wet

If you have bleached your hair or you’re about to bleach it, it’s important that you know which conditioners you should use to recuperate the health of your hair.


And you should believe me when I tell you that you will need to take your conditioner very seriously if you have bleached hair.

I know from experience because I have almost lost half of my hair since I didn’t pay attention to this topic.

 But, before telling you about the conditioners that I used in my bleached hair, let me tell you about my experience. 


Almost everywhere, they talk about the bleaching process as an aggressive process for the hair.

And it’s true.

It’s also true that either way, people continue bleaching your hair.


But, what few people talk about is how to correctly condition your hair once it is bleached.

And that is the most important part of the process.

Because your hair changes after you bleach it.

It’s never the same as it was.

That’s what happened to me.


 I almost didn’t recognize my hair.  

It had radically changed. And I don’t mean the color. I mean that structure and how it felt to the touch. It’s elasticity.


That’s why when you start with conditioning before, your hair bleaches better.


Today I will tell you:

  • What changes do bleached hair experience
  • What are the best conditioners to use after bleaching
  • Other care for bleached hair: my secret Four-No plan


Maybe you think that I’m dramatic when I talk about extreme hair care after bleaching.

But I assure you that any exaggeration on this topic should be taken into account.



Keep reading and decide.

Decide between saving your hair and signing your death wish.


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What changes does your hair experience after bleaching

Bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process for your hair.

It’s practically an art and a science, a technique that involves dozens of variables as if the like if the hair is natural or if it has been dyed before, and if the hair is fine or thick among others.


When bleached my hair, I used hydrogen peroxide to open the cuticles which made my hair rougher.

There we have one of the first changes in our hair because of bleaching because it gets rid of the hair’s natural moisture.


Bleaching causes a separation of the scales of the cuticle, making the hair much more porous than before, causing it be to dry and damaged.

Also, my porous hair absorbs more moisture, but it is incapable of retaining, so it transforms into dry, dehydrated hair.

All of the chemical products that I submit my hair to, brushing it daily, and air pollution ended up destroying my hair.

 Meaning, after bleaching, my hair was dry with split ends and it was already unable to retain moisture. 


As if all of that wasn’t enough, brushing it was horrible. Dozens of hairs fell onto the hair or ended up tangled on the brush.

My hair was bad; it was sick.

It was untamable.

I screamed for help and didn’t know how to give it.


After a lot of research, I came to a conclusion.

 If I wanted to recuperate the health of my hair, I should have paid closer attention to the products that I used to wash my hair, starting with my conditioner. 


And after various tests with different products,

And even by wasting money on things that really weren’t worth it, I found three conditioners that make a big difference on my hair.


What are the best conditioners for bleached hair

Before I say what the conditioners were that helped my get back the health of my hair, I should warn you that this isn’t a magic formula.


First, because everything will depend on the characteristics of your hair.

And also, you will need patience and consistency.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And I’m not going to lie; you’re not going to get your hair back in one day.

But you should be committed to your hair. And give it what it’s screaming for.

I started to recuperate my bleached hair with this product.


Caviar Alternative Repair Conditioner

protein contribution

Its protein formula is smooth and balanced, which allows you to use it on your hair daily.

I used the shampoo as much as the conditioner for a month and noticed that slowly, my hair started to feel stronger.


It wasn’t as hard to detangle my hairs.

But after a month, I could still see how I was losing a lot of hair.

It was time to move on to another product.


Bumble and Bumble Coconut Cream

increases the elasticity and brightness

This is a pretty heavy and dry conditioner which doesn’t generally work well on fine hair.

But my hair, in addition to being fine, was dryer than the Sahara Desert.

It needed deep, deep moisturizing.


After a month of using it, I noticed that my hair loss noticeably reduced.

In addition, I could detangle my hair without pulling on it or feeling like my scalp was hurting.

The split ends practically didn’t exist.


And the shine! I thought I would never see my hair shine.

Something told me that I was on the right path.

 And I had achieved it in two months, which may seem like a lot, but when you can see changes in your hair, every day is worth it.  


I still needed to see that my hair was smooth to the touch.

And then, my star product came into my life.


It’s a 10 Miracle Daily Conditioner

fragile and weak hair due to bleaching

As its name indicates, it definitely is a 10.

A 10 like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Because since I worked it into my hair care routine, I noticed that my hair had finally gone back to being soft and silky.


I don’t use it every day. Once a week is more than enough.

And lastly, I’m going to recommend that you use a leave-in conditioner once a week.


Leave-in conditioners

Did you not know that leave-in conditioners exist?


Luckily for those of us that bleach our hair, it’s a reality.

You may ask what the difference is from all the other conditioners.

Well, do you remember that I said that my hair had become more porous from bleaching?


This made it a lot harder for my hair to retain the moisture of moisturizing products.

 This conditioner doesn’t need to be rinsed out, so, all of nourishing components will continue to work on the hair since you don’t rinse it out.  


I use it every ten days, alternating it’s use with the other conditioners.

I wash my hair with a special shampoo for damaged hair, I dry it softly with a towel and after apply the leave-in conditioner.


Now, my curls are defined, nourished and shiny.

I was able to get the health of my hair back and even though it wasn’t instantaneous, I was happy with the results.

I also incorporate other healthy habits for the care of my bleached hair.

Do you want to know what they are?


Other cares to restore the bleached hair: the 4-No Plan

tricks to repair damaged bleached hair

I call it the Four-NO plan.

Not because I am a negative person, on the contrary. Optimism saved my hair after bleaching.

The Four-NO plan has to do with some things that you should put aside to get back the health of your hair.

Let’s see what they are.


NO to the flat iron and the hair dryer

I know that it can seem like mission impossible.

But, at least for six months, you should stop using the flat iron and the hair dryer.

They are sources of excessive heat which only end up drying your ends and making it easier for your hair fibers to break.

Be patient. Give them, both the flat iron and the hair dryer, to your best friend and have her put them away under lock and key.

This way, you will resist the temptation to use them.

Your hair will thank you.


NO to using towels to dry your hair

It seems like a lie, but even a common towel can make it easier for your hair to break and can increase the feared frizz.

I bought two or three microfiber towels, and actually, the difference is incredible.


Simply, when I finish washing my hair, I barely hold the microfiber towel and I pat my hair with it.

Since I started using it, I barely see fallen hairs scattered out on the floor of the bathroom.

On the other hand, they aren’t expensive, a very important piece of information.


NO to shampoos with sulfates

Sulfates are nothing more than a certain type of detergent that are added to shampoos to create more foam.

It’s an invention which makes us believe that the more foam, the cleaner our hair.



Generally, they mostly just dry out the hair and strip it of natural oils.

Adopt sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners into your hair care routine right now.


NO to chlorine in pools

With this, I don’t want to say that you can’t continue your swimming class or enjoy a pool weekend with your friend.

But use a swimming cap.

It may seem ugly. Mermaids always have their long hair loose, but here, we are talking about getting back the health of your hair.


Today, when I look in the mirror after four months of intensive hair care, it seems like a lie to look at it and be happy.

Happy because now it isn’t dry or straw-like. The ends aren’t split. They have gone back to being shiny and the frizz has reduced considerably.


How do you recuperate the health of your hair after bleaching it?

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