Growing out a pixie cut into a bob: timeline from month one to eight

from short to bob hair

  • For your Pixie cut to transition to a bob, you’ll have to play with styling products during the first three months. For example, you can use waxes, mousses, and masks, use lots of accessories, and let your imagination run wild.
  • After three months, you should visit the salon to trim the cut and focus on a short bob. Then, up to eight months, you can do hair treatments to control the volume or continue innovating hairstyles with accessories and styling products.
  • After eight months, the Pixie cut will be just a memory, and you’ll able to wear the bob cut in any of its versions, from the short to the long and asymmetrical bob.


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Yes, to grow out a Pixie cut into a bob, you’ll need to have a lot of patience and creativity.

I’m sure you have them. Otherwise,   you wouldn’t have chosen a Pixie cut to bring out the best of your personality. 

If you chose a Pixie cut, you decided to wear your hair really, really short. Also, you have a playful soul.

Why do I say that?


Pixie literally means “elf or fairy.”

Both fairies and elves are playful, magical beings. And I refer to the Tinkerbell gang and her fairy friends.

You can also find many stories of these playful magical creatures in Celtic mythology, for example.


grown up pixie with highlights

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  The Pixie is a garçon haircut worn shorter at the back and temples and slightly longer on top for volume. 

So, Pixie is reminiscent of Tinkerbell. It invites you to play and to let your imagination run wild to create different styles. The length of your hair allows you to reach the bob.

Do you need a push to let your imagination run wild and enjoy your transition from Pixie cut to the bob?


I’ll give you the magic you need.

Let’s start with your first steps to grow out your Pixie cut to Bob.

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Pixie cut to Bob: from the first days to the third month: patience, creativity, and lots and lots of play

pixie growing to a bob

Maybe you don’t have fairy dust to fly like Tinkerbell, but you have power in your hands: your creativity and your patience.

They’ll save you from many pitfalls on this road from Pixie to Bob.


 First, let’s talk about hairstyles. It’s going to be your focus in this period. 

For a daytime outing, a touch of gel or wax will define and shape your Pixie cut.

Do you want to use wax?


Here’s a secret: never apply it directly to your hair.

 You should place the wax in the palms of your hands and rub palm to palm to heat and lighten the wax. 

Then, apply it with the palms of your hands on your hair. Start defining your locks with your fingertips, which will be free of product and will achieve definition without clumping the locks.


If you want to use gel instead of wax, don’t rub it between your palms before applying it to your hair. It already has a light consistency. Apply it with your palms and define your style with your fingertips.

Up, down, create volume, reduce the volume. Both the wax and the gel will allow you to achieve amazing hairstyles.

But it doesn’t end there.


The Pixie cut takes on a whole new dimension when you accessorize it.

gray hair

Fortunately, the market offers many accessories from glasses, necklaces, earrings, and piercing.

Dare to show off your Pixie cut with dark glasses. Much better if they’re big! They’ll give you an elegant and mysterious touch.

If you plan to accompany your look with earrings, choose small designs to prevent them from competing with the glasses.


 Earrings will definitely be the most wonderful allies while your Pixie cut  keeps its very short shape.

They can be the perfect accessory to lift your look. If you choose very large designs, remember not to wear any other accessories.


As minimalists proclaim, “less is more.” However, if you are a fan of earrings, wear long or big earrings. Your Pixie cut won’t hide them and will give you a very feminine look.

How have these first three months been, my little pixie?


I knew it! I told you they would be a lot of fun. You’ve also done your part, and you deserve a prize.

Enjoy the ten inches your hair has surely gained, almost, almost, almost, without you even realizing it.


Pixie cut closer to the short bob: third month to eight month. Visit the stylist to shape your hair, but the fun continues

It’s been three months since your last visit to your stylist. Your Pixie cut is starting to lose shape because your hair will have grown about eight to ten centimeters.

It’s time for another visit to the salon. But don’t panic, you won’t sacrifice your Pixie’s length.


 What your stylist will do this time is to trim your cut so that it starts to take shape. 

How will he or she do it?


He or she will have to cut the nape of your neck short so that it takes the shape of a short bob. Then, let the top continue to grow.

In the meantime, your hair will continue to grow.  And there will be times when you feel like you can’t control your locks.  It’ll seem like every single one of them wants to run off to the four corners of the world.

However, let’s play. To play, you’ll have to find some allies.


 For example, you’ll need treatments such as hair Botox, keratin, hair lifting, and permanent straightening. 

Any of them will avoid volume and accommodate your hair with a neater look.

But, if you love volume in your hair, you can use mousses and hairsprays to play with water waves, for example.


permed hair

It’s also a good time to dare to use scarves to create a vintage and personal look. Even go for headbands, which look better with your short haircut, or accessories with some neon sparkle.

If you want something more formal, use black, gold, or silver accessories. Why not a beautiful pearl or metallic brooch which will be more eye-catching.


If your hair is dark, pearl barrettes will be the best choice. Alternatively, if your hair is blonde, you can opt for gold accessories to accentuate the shine of your hair.


Would you have guessed how long it takes to get to a bob from a Pixie cut?

I told you it would give you wings. Now you’re just one step away.


Pixie cut to long bob: the end of the journey. You already own a longer mane

light highlights

It’s been eight months since you decided to go for a Pixie cut.

Your hair is now long enough to achieve a short bob. It’s evenly long all around the head, usually at jaw level.


While the classic version is straight and blunt, other options include asymmetry, bangs, layers, thinning out strands, shaved back, and lengths ranging from the mini bob to the long bob.

 That’s why it’s a versatile cut suitable for all types of faces and hair textures. 


As for accessories for this style of cut, add caps and hats. They go perfectly with your new style.



Time is the key for the transition from a Pixie cut to a Bob cut.

You can take that time with humor to let your ideas flow so that it’s not a tedious and traumatic transition but a game of wit and fun.

Now it’s all in your hands, so… go for it!

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