How to avoid a mullet when growing your hair out? A foolproof 14-month strategy

avoid the haircut from turning ugly

Do you have short or medium-length hair, want to grow it out, and avoid a mullet?


I’ll tell you a foolproof strategy to grow your hair avoiding a mullet.

I’ll tell you about the strategy. Then, we’ll go deeper into each of the stages.


  • From the 1st to the 3rd month: style your hair with waxes, gels, and mousses. They’ll let you shape your hair without losing its shape.
  • From the 4th to the 6th month: in this period you should try to maintain the volume, either with styling products or with treatments such as keratin or hair botox.
  • 7th to 9th month: it’s time to make some modifications to your haircut without sacrificing the length of your hair. A short bob is a good option.
  • 10th to 12th month: You’ll have left behind the possibility of mullet in your hair, and you can even innovate by flat ironing it. Then, your hair will only continue to grow.
  • After 14 months: your hair is already 15 to 17 centimeters long, and you HAVE BEATEN THE MULLET.


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Did you just cut your hair too short?

I love women who dare to wear their hair short and don’t need a mermaid-like mane to enjoy their femininity.

However, you feel some storm clouds over your head because  once the short hair crush passes, your hair starts to grow. So, a mullet will want to appear on the scene. 


We’re talking about a mullet haircut. It’s a style that plays with two lengths: shorter on the top of the head and sides and longer in the back.

It allows different types of bangs and it varies according to the lengths. It was all the rage in the 80s, and some of the celebrities who dared to wear it were David Bowie, Paul MC Cartney, and Patrick Swayze.

Do you want some more current examples? Miley Cyrus and Ursula Corbero.


 Are you worried you’ll end up wearing a mullet as your hair grows out? Let the sun come out and drive the storm clouds away because there’re ways to avoid it. 


Today, I’m going to guide you with a well-planned strategy to prevent your short hair from turning into a mullet as it grows out.

The starting point will be very short hair like Demi Moore wore in the famous movie “Ghost.” Are you ready?

Go for it!

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Stage 1: 1 to 3 MONTHS – Enjoy your short hair without worrying about the mullet.

hide haircut imperfections

In this period, you’ll be sporting your beautiful short haircut. There won’t be complications because it’ll have grown between one and two and a half centimeters in two months.


After this period, you’ll have gone from a very short to a medium-short style.  It’ll still be very easy to style and will fit perfectly. 

You’ll be able to manage the styles with waxes, gels, mousses, styling products or just letting it air dry.


Stage 2: 4 to 6 MONTHS – Continue to use styling products to control the volume of your hair or resort to treatments such as a keratin shock.

for a party

In this period, your short hair starts to rebel because it’s four to six centimeters longer.

Therefore, you’ll notice that your hair will begin to gain volume to lose the shapes in the contours and sideburns.

If you had bangs, they’ll start to get in the way. You can move them to the sides, growing from bangs to a short bob.


 This is the time to use styling products, such as light gels, styling creams, sprays,  and anything else that helps to reduce volume.

A keratin treatment or hair botox are highly recommended at this stage.


Stage 3: 7 to 9 MONTHS – Your short hair is gone, and you’re facing the dreaded mullet, but you can avoid it without sacrificing length with a short bob.

short hair

At this point, the original shape of the cut will have been completely lost according to the texture of your hair.

 You are at the “MULLET” moment. .


  • If your hair is straight, it’ll tend to gain volume, and the mullet will appear.
  • If your hair is curly or wavy, your curls will be messy and gain a lot of volume. Your curly hair will be somewhat hard to manage.


It’s time to visit your stylist again. Some modifications will have to be made to your cut to avoid a traumatic transition to long hair. 

To begin with, you could consider your hair type and perform visagism research. The aim is to take this new mane to a shape that is more related to the length of your hair.


A good start would be to go for a short bob. You can remove the length at the back of your hair and create a new rounder shape that will hide the mullet.

But,  keep in mind that your hair will continue to grow. As the sides and the top will not yet have a significant length, you’ll still be in the risk zone. 


You’ll have to resort to anti-frizz treatments. According to your hair type, you may need a gentle straightening, probably without formaldehyde.

This treatment will help you to tame your hair without losing its natural shape to avoid a mullet with exaggerated volume.


Stage 4: 10 to 12 MONTHS – Your hair has grown to a short bob, and you were able to avoid the mullet.

from short hair to the shoulders

At this point, your short cut will be ancient history. You can stand up and proudly say to the mullet, “so long!”


You’ll have a short bob with a gradient from the growth of the hair on the top and sides. If you followed my advice, the nape of the neck would have grown back into the mullet haircut.

Don’t worry!


All you need is another visit to your regular salon and a chat with your trusted stylist to bring the sides and nape to a single area. It’ll be a place that unifies the entire contour.

 Then, you’ll say goodbye to the annoying mullet for good without sacrificing many inches of your hair. Breathe. You’ll be in a safe zone. 


You can continue as you wish. Any styling product will strengthen the cut, give it more definition, and keep the natural movement of your hair tidy.

Your hair will be twelve to fourteen centimeters longer. Now, you can enjoy blow-drying or flat ironing your hair to give it different effects and shapes.


Stage 5: BEYOND 14 MONTHS – The mullet is definitely behind you, and you can enjoy a variety of new long cuts.

grown out hair avoided mullet

Yes, the mullet nightmare is behind you. And it’s time to visit your stylist and decide the new style for your hair.


Your hair will continue to grow as long as you want it to, and you can now enjoy different hairstyles and styles. Your hair is now between 15 and 17 centimeters long, which is more than enough to play with new cuts without limits. 


Also, you might discover something amazing. After months of avoiding the mullet, you now discover it has a special charm.

You wouldn’t be the first. It happens to many of my clients.


The mullet is quite a versatile cut. It can be a good option in the transition from short to long.

Also, there’re different ways to wear it, for example, beautiful current styles that give a touch of glamor. They make the difference and distinguish you from the rest.


But beyond the unexpected twists and turns of history, your hair has grown out, and you’ve been able to avoid the mullet. Congratulations!

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