Why don’t hairdressers like long hair? How can you prevent them from cutting too much?

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  • Many people think that hairdressers don’t like long hair, but that’s a myth.
  • In truth, hairdressers LOVE long hair because it allows them to use all their creativity.
  • However, it’s true that some hairdressers have a bad habit of over-cutting. Don’t worry, they don’t do it because they don’t like your long hair.
  • It’s just that sometimes they get distracted talking to you or maybe they lack experience.


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Were you wondering why hairdressers don’t like long hair?


Well, let me tell you that’s a myth.

 We hairdressers love long hair. 

In this article, we’ll look at why hairdressers supposedly don’t like long hair. I’ll also give you tips on how to prevent your hairdresser from cutting too much in the future.

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“Hairdressers hate long hair and that’s why they cut too much.” It’s a myth!

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Regarding this topic, I have received thousands of comments throughout my career.

The criticisms are almost always accompanied by  explanations from hairdressers who over-cut: 

  • “You’re too short to have such long hair.”
  • “You’ll look thinner with shorter hair.”
  • “If we cut only two centimeters, we won’t be able to get rid of the split ends.”
  • “While I’m getting my hair cut too short, I see another woman getting extensions of the same length.”


All these and hundreds of other excuses are part of the  myth that hairdressers don’t like long hair. 

Actually, it’s just that: A MYTH.


I’ve been in this profession for over twenty years and  I’ve always loved long hair,  just like millions of colleagues around the world.

So why is it said that we don’t like it?


Well, what happens is that only the bad experiences are told, and not the good ones.

 For every hairdresser who cuts too much there are hundreds who cut just enough.  But the dramatic and the bad stories are the ones that go viral.

I’ll give you an example.


Some time ago, a young woman was about to celebrate her fifteenth birthday with a big party  and went to a beauty salon to bleach her hair. 

By accident (or carelessness), they burned all her hair and the young woman had to shave her head.


The girl told what happened on social networks and the media spread the news.

In a few days,  the girl was all over TV. 

What would have happened if she had been happy with the result of the work?


She would have gotten a few likes on her networks and only a small group would have heard about it. In other words,  only bad news gets around. 

The same thing happens with the idea that hairdressers  don’t like long hair and that’s why they cut too much. 


In short:  there is no such thing as a hairdresser who doesn’t like to cut hair.  And there is also no such thing as a hairdresser who doesn’t like long hair.


If it’s a lie that hairdressers don’t like long hair, then why do they cut too much?

There are different situations that can feed the myth that hairdressers hate long hair.


  • We hairdressers often like to chat too much and can get distracted while cutting hair.

I must say this is true: hairdressers are  very talkative. 

Well, that can become their Achilles heel, because  while conversing, they can get excited about cutting your hair  and they go a bit overboard.


  • There are hairdressers who are irresponsible.

As in all professions, there are  hairdressers who don’t take their job seriously . Cutting hair is just a job to them.

However, this  doesn’t mean that they’re bad people or that they want to spoil your image on purpose .

Help your hairdresser improve with constructive criticism!


Let me tell you about my experience as a hairdresser. Spoiler: I love long hair!

Woman with long hair and highlights thinking

 Few things in life give me as much pleasure as cutting hair. 

Every time I have a long head of hair in front of me, I feel like a sculptor in front of a stone they’re about to transform into a beautiful work of art.


It gives me great pleasure to cut, style, watch how the cut progresses, look for symmetry or asymmetry, check that everything is going well, and more.

I also feel great pride  when the client gives me a beautiful smile  in the mirror as a sign of gratitude for the work I’ve done.

How could anyone think that we hairdressers hate long hair?


 Long hair is like a blank canvas for the hairdresser.  It allows us to express our art: to create beautiful braids and hairstyles, to show off the best cuts, with balayage, with colors.

Or simply to give life and shine with good nutrition.


9 keys to a good experience with your hairdresser (how to prevent them from cutting too much)

Young girl with super long hair indicates smiling

  • TALK, TALK, TALK. You and your hairdresser  should have a conversation before they starts cutting  your hair.
  • Tell them how much you want them to cut.
  • Show them pictures of the shape of the cut you want.
  • Ask if it’s the right cut for your face and hair type.
  • Ask if the  aftercare  will be easy.
  • When they’ve started cutting,  try not to distract them  with questions that will make them look up from their work.
  • Keep the conversation pleasant and relaxed.
  • If you sense that something isn’t going well,  ask them to stop  for a moment.
  • Remind them of what you had agreed upon and then  relax and trust their knowledge and techniques. 



The idea that hairdressers hate long hair is a MYTH.

 We hairdressers love long hair, short hair, whatever kind of hair . It’s our daily bread, our blank canvas, and our chance to put work and technique into practice.

Trust your hairdresser.  There’s no one better to make your dreams come true. 


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