Should I get layers with fine hair? Do layers make fine hair look thicker?

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  • Yes, getting layers is a great option if you have fine hair.
  • In addition, fine hair will look thicker with layers, as it will have much more volume.
  • In this article, we’ll see how a layered cut should look depending on whether you have straight or curly hair, and a lot or not much hair.
  • I’ll also give you 4 tips on what not to do if you have fine hair: forget about the straightener and having long hair.


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If you’re thinking about getting a layered cut for fine hair, you’re probably looking for more volume,  something that will add life to your hair and increase its density. 

Well, you’ve come to the right place.


As I said at the beginning, layers are perfect for you if you have fine hair.

In this article, I’ll tell you why this is so and  what other options can help you get the volume you want for your hair. 


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First of all, are you sure you have fine hair? I’ll show you how to recognize it

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The first step is to recognize if you really have fine hair.  It’s possible to confuse having fine hair strands with having little quantity, or sparse hair.  These aren’t the same thing.

Fine hair is distinguished by the diameter of each strand, which is usually 20 to 40 microns thinner than normal hair.

It’s also more delicate and prone to split ends.  After washing, does your hair dry quickly? 


If your answer is yes, you have fine hair.


Are layers a good option for fine hair? Yes, and I’ll tell you why

Girl at the hairdresser about to cut her hair

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Layers are an ideal choice for fine hair, but there are countless ways to cut them.

  •  If your hair is thin and sparse, layer it, but on top. 

This will give you the feeling of more density in your hair!


  •  If your hair strands are fine and you have a fair amount of hair, try not to overlap the layers,  otherwise you will get the opposite effect.

You can play a lot with the layers and make thousands of them!


  •  If your hair is fine and curly, this is good news,  because curls alone give the feeling of more volume, and layers will help even more!

One important fact is that your hair won’t get thicker from a cut. But with the right cut, you can visually confuse others into thinking you have thick hair that’s not fine at all.

What if you want to increase the thickness of your hair? You may want to incorporate specific products and tricks to thicken your hair.


Why choose a layered cut?

Let me tell you about Julie. She had  long hair, fine, straight, and quite a lot of it. 

One day she came to the salon sad. She had seen herself in a photo and didn’t like how her hair stuck to her face.

She said, jokingly, that she felt “bald”.

After talking to her,  I managed to convince her to cut her hair to shoulder length,  to get a subtle layered cut and bangs.


Well! When we finished, to her surprise, she couldn’t believe what her hair looked like.

She said to me,  “What a lot of hair I have left!”  And yes, it really did give that impression.

A layered cut is an excellent option for you to leave behind that shapeless hair look due to fine hair.  It gives you volume, texture, and density.  

Other options to add volume to fine hair

young girl blows a kiss to the camera, she has short hair and a small bangs

  • Bob cut: You can play around with textures and if you add a few layers it looks great.
  • Pixie cut: If you want massive volume on top, the pixie cut can be one of your best options.

These cuts also adapt to any style. You can style it or tousle it and it will give you a lot of personality.

  • Carré cut: If you comb the ends inwards, it will give the feeling of more volume to fine hair.
  • Bangs: Get an open fringe, a side part, or a gradient fringe.
 Don’t exaggerate with the fringe you cut,  as you’ll have to use hair from the crown and this will cause you to lose volume in your hair.

You should also take into account how you style and blow-dry. For example, with a carré cut, it turns out differently if you straighten it straight down or with the ends pointing inwards.


In a layered cut,  you need to give it movement with a brush or blow dry it with your head down to give it more volume.  These small details will make a difference.

If you don’t want to cut your hair, maybe you can try some natural recipes to thicken your hair.


4 things to avoid doing if you have fine hair

girl with a gesture of surprise wears a very abundant bangs

  • Try not to wear your hair too long, as long hair has more weight and therefore less volume.
  • Avoid a very thick fringe, as you’ll be removing hair from the crown of your head that you could use to give more volume.
  • Avoid heavy nourishing products, as they will weigh your hair down.
  • Limit the use of the straightener: fine hair breaks more easily, so it’s better to leave it natural or blow dry it.

Or try to straighten your hair without damaging it by lowering the temperature of your heat tools.


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Conclusion: layers are an excellent decision for fine hair, as your hair will look thicker

In this article, we’ve seen that  a layered cut for fine hair is an excellent decision,  as it will give you volume and texture.

Of course, I recommend that to avoid a bad layered cut, you make an appointment with a professional.

By now I imagine you’re convinced about getting those layers. You’ll give movement and personality to your hair, so go for it!

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