Does your hair get lighter after you dye it blonde?

dyed dark blonde woman with worried face

  • Yes, hair becomes lighter after dyeing it blonde. Dyed hair becomes more porous and loses color more easily.
  • And as the color loses intensity, you will notice your blonde-colored hair will be lighter.
  • If you dyed your hair blonde and you don’t like it because it’s too dark, I advise you to wait a fortnight and apply bleach to lighten it up to three or four shades.


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Does blonde hair dye have bleach in it?


I think it was an American physicist who once said, “if nothing strange surprises you during the day, there was no day”. That is, the day passed by as if it had never really existed.

And thanks to your question, I can take my day for granted.


Because the question about  whether hair gets lighter after dyeing it blonde  has completely surprised me. It almost left me with my mouth open.



Because I’m trying to figure out where your question came from. And I can think of two possible reasons.

  • First,  you applied a blonde dye and your hair turned out too dark. 
  • The second, you applied a blonde dye,  and when you look in the mirror you feel like you’re glowing. 


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Let’s see, and as I always say, relax.

And this is not from any American physicist. It’s coming from a colorist who daily reassures women who come to the salon in despair.

 Either of these two situations, whether you don’t like your blonde hair because it’s too dark or too light, has a solution.  Although one is simpler than the other.

Want to find out why? Read on.


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Why dyed blonde hair gets lighter with washing

woman looks at her blonde hair that looks lighter after washing it

Because coloring is a process that doesn’t end when you rinse the dye out. And now I’ll explain why.

Permanent dyes contain ammonia and you apply them with developer. These chemicals open the hair cuticles so the dye pigments are fixed in the core, the innermost layer of the hair. This changes the color of your hair.

But  in addition to modifying the color of your hair, the dye also modifies the texture. 


That’s why, after dyeing your hair blonde, or any other color, your hair will be more porous. Therefore, it will lose color with each wash.

 Whenever you apply a blonde hair dye, your hair will continue to lighten. With every wash, the color loses intensity and pigments. 


So if you’ve just dyed your hair blonde, and you feel that the color is too bright, don’t worry. Because after two or three washes, your blonde hair will be lighter.


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If you dyed your hair blonde and it was too dark, you should bleach your hair to lighten it

hairdresser lightens dyed blonde hair

Because in this case, you won’t be able to lighten your blonde hair two or three shades with washing.

So the solution is to bleach your hair. And regarding this, I have two things to tell you.

  • Firstly,  if you dyed your hair blonde and it went too dark , you should wait at least fifteen days to bleach and lighten your hair. Because after dyeing, your hair will be drier and weaker. And if you bleach it, it may not withstand the process.
  •  Go to a professional to bleach your hair . A colorist will be able to assess whether your hair will withstand bleaching and help you achieve the color you want for your hair.


You could also apply a super-lightening dye, which is applied with a 30-volume developer and allows you to scale between three and four numbers.


But, in this case, I recommend you only choose this option if you have experience in coloring. Because the super-lightening dye generates a very aggressive chemical reaction that can burn your hair, just like bleaching would.



Dyed blonde hair always becomes lighter after a few washes. Because permanent dye changes the color of your hair, as well as the texture. Porous hair will always be more prone to fading.

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