Does Shimmer Lights Shampoo work on brown or dark brown hair?

dark hair with blond highlights

If you have heard wonders of the Shimmer Lights Shampoo and you are wondering if it will work in your brown hair, the answer is yes.


But Shimmer Lights Shampoo will only work in dark hair that has some type of highlights.

And by highlights, I am referring to all types of lightening your hair: Californian Wicks, balayage, ombré or sombré, just to name a few.

Do you want to know how I know?


Because I am one of the few people in my group of friends that has dark brown hair. Most of my friends have gone blonde.

Some of them are platinum blonde, others honey blonde, and others dark blonde. Different tones of blonde, but all of them have something in common: they use Shimmer Lights shampoo.

Why do they do it?


 To neutralize the chicken yellow colors that come out in their hair twenty days after having dyed it.  


When I decided to do some highlights in my hair, I definitely didn’t want to go completely blonde, I noticed that my highlights turned yellow. But a horrible yellow, almost incandescent.

And that’s where Shimmer Lights Shampoo came into my life, to neutralize those frankly horrifying colors.

Do you want to know how it went for me?


I’ll tell you.

But first, let me explain something to you:

  • Why does Shimmer Lights Shampoo work on brown hair
  • How to use the shampoo to revitalize the color of your hair
  • Advice for using this shampoo on brown and dark brown hair


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Why does Shimmer Lights Shampoo work in dark hair with highlights?

Like I told you before, my friends have incredibly blonde hair, even though each one has a different tone.

After a few of our weekly pajama parties, the next day I woke up with a new motivation: I wanted to change the look of my hair.


But I couldn’t bring myself to go totally blonde.

Since I was feeling determined, I went to the beauty salon and asked the stylist to do some highlights.


Something to cut the monotony of my dark brown hair and at the same time, give some lightness to my hair.

When I left the salon, I felt like the happiest woman on Earth. Between my dark brown hairs emerged some golden rays that looked absolutely incredible.

But the problem started after twenty days.


 Those beautiful golden highlights had transformed into horrible, chicken yellow streaks.  

It was then that my friends came to my aid.

With a bottle of Shimmer Lights in their hands.


At first, I was a little turned off.

I had always heard that this shampoo was made exclusively for blondes.

But they were the experts in using this shampoo, and it doesn’t work to argue with experts.

In addition, they gave me a master class in colorimetry to convince me.


If they hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t have put that purple stuff in my hair even if I was crazy.


 They explained to me that on the color wheel, which is used by everyone from painters to colorists, violet and yellow are opposite colors.  

That means that violet neutralizes the color that my highlights had turned once they oxidized.

Also, they continued with their explanations, I think because of my incredulous facial expressions.


We all have underlying, natural pigments under our visible hair color. Those pigments are red, copper/orange, and gold/yello.

When you bleach your hair, the first color that appears is your underlying color.

In my case, orange appeared because my hair is dark brown.


That’s why Shimmer Lights Shampoo would work perfect for me on my yellow streaks. Because violet and yellow cancel each other out, being opposites on the color wheel.

At this point, I was feeling a bit dizzy with all the color wheels and rainbows.

So, I thought that I wouldn’t lose anything by trying.

Do you want to know how the story goes?


Don’t be impatient.

Keep read, because I’ll also tell you how often it is best to use this shampoo on brown hair with highlights.


How to use the shampoo correctly

after washing her hair

The truth is my friends were armed with patience.


  • First, they separated out the pieces of hair where I had the highlights.
  • Once they did that, with the help of pieces of aluminum foil so as not to get the product on the darker pieces, they applied the shampoo.
  • After, they wet the hair with a spray bottle.
  • And they applied the shampoo, with gloves because the shampoo stains.
  • They let it sit for about three minutes, during which their eyes kept going from the clock to my head and from my head to the clock. It almost looked like a tennis match.
  • Finally, they stood me up and ran me to the bathroom. There, they washed my hair endlessly while they explained that they needed to get out all of the shampoo.


Of course, they didn’t let me look in the mirror at all.

They dried my hair with a hair dryer and then I finally stood in front of the mirror with my eyes covered.

When the cloth over my eyes fell, I couldn’t believe it!


It was if I had walked out of a beauty salon with my highlights recently done.

Shimmer Lights Shampoo definitely ended up being my new best friend.



For two main reasons:

  • I could maintain my highlights away from orange for longer.
  • I would save a ton of money. Because now, I wouldn’t have to go to the beauty salon every twenty days to keep my highlights looking good in my brown hair.


Of course, my expert friends didn’t let me go without a few other pieces of advice about this marvelous product.


5 Tips for before using the shampoo

  • First, use it carefully.

The shampoo can stain everything in its path: from your shower curtain to your towels.


  • Be very careful with how long you leave it in your hair.

Two or three minutes is enough. Because if not, you run the risk of ending up with purple hair.


  • Shimmer Lights is not for daily use.

Because in addition to saturating your hair with pigments, you will end up drying it out.


  • It is important to condition your hair correctly.

Once a week, I do some type of natural treatment to moisturize the hair. It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money. Some simple drops of olive oil can make a big difference.


I, for example, apply a few drops of olive oil to the palms of my hands. After, I rub my hands together to warm up the oil a bit.

After, I carefully distribute the olive oil over my pieces of hair. I wrap my hair in a shower cap and let it sit for an hour.

After, I wash my hair and let it air dry.

My hair looks healthy and shiny and feels super soft.


  • Lastly, nothing with sulfate shampoos.

The only thing those shampoos do with their tricky foam is pull out the natural moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and weak.


Now, you know why Shimmer Lights Shampoo works in brown hair.

And also, you learned how to use it in your brown hair so that your highlights look incredible like the first day.

Have you ever used purple shampoo in your hair?


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