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Every day I receive comments like these.

“Carina, I’m bored with my hair color. What can I do?”

“My hair is ugly and sad. Do you think I should dye it?”

“Carina, my whole life I was a brunette and now I want to change my hair. What color should I color it?”

hair tones

Every day, I receive dozens of comments like these.

Basically, girls that want to change their hair color for one reason or another.


 For example, the other day a girl wrote to me that she had separated from her partner of 8 years and was feeling depressed. She wanted to renew the look of her hair changing the color. 


These women are convinced that they want to change the look of their hair but they don’t know what color to dye it.

For me, one of the best ways to choose a new color for your hair is according to the personality of the person.

Why do I say this?


If a person is timid, surely, they won’t be comfortable with hair that calls attention and receives praises all the time.


On the other hand, an extrovert would love getting praises about their hair.


 Before getting into more techniques related to coloring, I think that it is incredibly important to think about the type of people we are. To help you with this, I put together this little test.  


It’s one of those famous personality tests to help you determine the best color for your hair according to your personality.

Of course, there are other ways of choosing the color of your hair. This is just a game. After, you’ll have to decide more accurately the color that goes best with your skin tone.


Oh! Before we start with the test, I want to clarify another important topic.

One of the things I hear a lot is “I have light skin so I can’t dye my hair blonde” or “I have tan skin so I can’t dye my hair red.”


Let’s see.

 It’s the coloring that has certain rules where we know that there are things that don’t look good, but this doesn’t mean that a person with light skin can’t color their hair blonde. 

Or a person with tan skin can’t color their hair the color that they like most.

What is going to be important is the proper TONE according to the skin tone.

For example, anyone could think that a girl like Emma Stone shouldn’t color her hair blonde because it won’t look good with her white skin.

However, we have seen that Emma has colored her hair blonde, red, and dark brown.

You can search “Emma Stone” in Google Images and you will see what I’m talking about.


And lastly, to not bore you any longer, while coloring has certain rules, over time they get more vague. A few years ago, coloring your hair blue or fuscia would have been nothing short of sacrilegious. Today, it’s normal.

After doing the personality test, don’t forget to look up reference images

fashioned hair colors

One thing I recommend when they ask me “what color should I dye my hair” is that you look for pictures of famous people with your skin color so that you can see how it looks with their hair.

You can also look for reference images on Instagram.

Instagram works very well for this.


It’s as easy as putting #blonde or #brunette in the search bar and a ton of photos will appear of women with those hair colors. Then you save the images to show to your colorist.


And now, I will let you take the test so that you choose the best hair color according to your personality. Remember, that after, you will need to determine the tone that will go best with your skin.

Now, imagine that you already colored your hair

You are amazed at the results.


Finally, you have achieved that color that you always dreamed of.

Every time you look in the mirror, you face lights up with happiness.


All of your friends and acquaintances praise your new hair color.

Some of those acquaintances are envious of your astuteness to bring yourself to change your hair color.


But the enchantment can last a short amount of time if you don’t care for your hair.

 That beautiful, attractive color can turn into an opaque, boring color in the blink of an eye.  

Do you want to know why?

Because the products that you use to wash your hair have a ton of chemicals, among them sulfates.

Sulfates are a common ingredient in most classic shampoos.

The problem is that they tend to make the color fade.


So, as you wash your hair, you hair loses its shine and attractiveness from the first days until it turns into a sad, dull color.

What is the solution?

ruined hair

Check sulfate-free shampoo on Amazon


If you want your adored hair to look shiny and attractive for longer, then you should change your shampoo for one without sulfates.


Today, it’s very easy to find them and they are very affordable.

So, you don’t have any excuses.

Change your shampoo today and your hair will thank you for life.