Does Manic Panic Work on Dark Hair Without Bleaching?


semi permanent color

Are you bored of always having dark hair, and you want to change the color without bleaching?


Then, I’m sure that you are thinking of using Manic Panic dyes.

But, some doubts have come up.

Will Manic Panic cover my dark hair?



The answer is No.

You will barely tone it with a blue, purple, or red.

And also, it will only be visible if you are in the sunlight.


 If you want a vibrant color change in your dark hair, you will have to bleach it. 

But we already know that bleaching is a chemical combination that comes together in a very damaging process for your hair.



Unfortunately, Manic Panic dyes don’t work the same way on dark hair as on blondes.

And this has a lot to do with the color wheel.

And it also has to do with the black pigment, which is practically invincible unless you bleach your hair.


 Black and dark brown are like super powerful colors that you can’t get rid of with a simple dye like Manic Panic.  

Why do I know?

Because I tried it myself on my own black hair.


So, I will tell you:

  • Why Manic Panic dye doesn’t work on dark hair
  • What type of dark hair can Manic Panic work better
  • How to use Manic panic to light but dark hair with fantasy tones



Why doesn’t Manic Panic dye work in dark-colored hair?

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Changing the dark color of your hair without bleaching is practically impossible.

Manic Panic semi-permanent dyes are vegan cremes that don’t contain peroxide nor chemical bleaching products.

That’s why they don’t draw up the hair cuticle to modify the melanin inside, which determines the tone of your hair.


 So, the Manic Panic dye is deposited on the external part of the hair and doesn’t modify the internal color molecules. 

In other words, it doesn’t change the natural color of the hair.


And your black hair, no matter how much Manic Panic you apply, will continue being black.


That’s also why it also fades every time you wash your hair, so it can last between three and four weeks, always depending on your hair care routine.

Wanting to kill black with yellow is absolutely impossible from the theory of colorimetry.

Because black absorbs all colors.

We have seen this a million times in art classes in high school.



 As opposed to permanent dyes, which use a developer and ammonia to open the cuticle of the hair and can lighten the hair, semi-permanent dyes can exclusively darken hair. 

Now, on light brown and medium brown hair, blue, purple, and red Manic Panic dyes can give the hair certain tonalities.

This means that they don’t cover the entire tone of the hair, but they can give it some interesting highlights, which are even more noticeable in the sunlight.


So, if you were thinking about one of those vibrant pinks or light blues in your hair, forget about it because it’s never going to happen.

If you want any of those tones that the millennials call rainbow or mermaid tones, you should bleach your hair.



Now, there is a possibility that in certain brown shades of hair, red Manic Panic tones act differently.

Do you want to know which types of hair?


I’ll tell you, and I’ll tell you the correct way to apply Manic Panic dye.



In what types of dark hair does Manic Panic work best

In this opportunity, women that have highly porous hair are the happy fortunate.

Because in this case, the dye can be better absorbed in more porous hair.

We are always talking about colors in the gamma of reds, blues, and purples.

Why does Manic Panic work better in porous hairs?



The answer is simple.

 Porous hair absorbs moisture faster. But they aren’t able to retain it. 

With Manic Panic colors, the same thing happens. It could be that the cuticles, after opening, since the hair is more porous, absorbs the dye better.

But it also won’t last as long.


Similarly, if you use a red tone, for example, the color will never be as vibrant as it looks when you open the container.



How to use Manic Panic to light up your dark hair with fantasy tones

subtle hair highlights

Since I already knew that the color wouldn’t cover my hair, I decided to put in some blue highlights.

It was a way to renew my look and give my hair a different brightness.

Please, be very careful when you use this dye.

Because it stains everything, absolutely everything in its path!



Prepare what you need:

  • An old t-shirt that it doesn’t matter if you stain
  • No matter what, sometimes the color will stain your hands
  • Container of Manic Panic
  • Hair Dryer



Divide your hair into sections.

I generally divide my hair into four sections, starting with the upper part moving down to the lower part.



Start to distribute the product through the pieces underneath.

Some people recommend using a brush.

I do it directly with my hands, obviously with gloves. This way, I’m sure that I distribute the product evenly.


Cover your hair with a shower cap.

Once you finish applying the dye over your whole hair, wrap it up in a shower cap.


And use the hairdryer for thirty minutes.

The heat will allow the dye to penetrate the hair.


Let the color sit for as long as you can, minimum of thirty minutes.

No, I’m not crazy. Remember that those dyes are vegan, and they don’t contain any chemicals so that they won’t ruin your hair instead of permanent dyes.



Rinse your hair with cold water.

Well, if you can’t put up with cold water, it can be warm water on the verge of cold.


Cold water seals the cuticles of the hair and will help the color not fade as quickly.

There it is!

There you have a beautiful dark tone with some blue highlights, which will look spectacular in the sunlight.




  • Manic Panic dye doesn’t react in the same way in light hair as dark hair
  • If you want to get vibrant color and you have dark hair, you’ll have to bleach it
  • In brown hair, you can get some beautiful highlights in blue, purple, or red tones


Have you ever used a Manic Panic tone in your hair?

Tell us about your experience.

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