How to keep curling iron curls overnight? Is it possible?

woman curling her hair with curling iron

  • To keep your curling iron curls overnight, you should consider three things: the curl size according to your hair type, the product you apply after using the curling iron to fix the curl, and how you pineapple your curls before going to bed.
  • You should get small curls with the curling iron if your hair is straight.
  • Then, gather up all your curls in a pineapple or a ballerina bun before you go to bed. I’ll tell you all the details.



 I’ll be honest with you.

 If your hair is naturally curly, keeping the curling iron curls overnight will be easier than if your hair is naturally straight. 


While you sleep you move, and the curls get messy because the hair tends to return to its natural shape.

However, you can try some tips to keep your curling iron curls overnight.

Shall we check them out?


Read on to find out how to keep your curls from falling apart while you sleep.


To keep the curling iron curls overnight, get tight curls

lock of hair in curling iron

If your hair is naturally straight and you get loose curls, they’ll tend to stretch while you sleep.

Therefore, to prevent your curls from falling apart while you sleep,  you should use the curling iron to get small or medium-sized, tighter curls. 

If your hair is naturally curly, the larger curls will hold longer.


Also,   if you want to keep your curling iron curls overnight, you should spray your hair after curling. 


A hairspray will help to keep the curls from falling apart.

However, don’t oversaturate your hair with the spray to keep it looking natural.

curl styling cream

  •  If you use hairspray,  always apply it 20 centimeters away.
  •  If you use styling cream,  place a small amount in the palm of your hand, rub it in with your other hand, and apply it with your fingers to the curls.
  •  If using leave-in conditioner,  wait for it to dry before curling your hair.
  •  If you use mousse,  I recommend you apply a very little amount to your curls so as not to saturate them. If you overdo it, your curls will be stiff.


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Finally, when you finish curling your hair, comb it when it’s cool, style it, and apply hairspray.


After you curl your hair with the curling iron, it’s time to prepare it for bed.

Let’s analyze two methods for naturally curly hair.


Two methods to hold curling iron curls overnight and keep their shape

woman pinned her curls up with a ballerina bun so they don't fall apart while she sleeps

These are the pineappling technique and the ballerina bun.


Pineappling hair

  • After curling your hair, gather it into a high ponytail without combing your curls. Secure all your hair with a silk scrunchie or a fabric band. Remember not to use elastic bands to avoid damaging your hair. Also, the scrunchy ponytail or the fabric band won’t leave any indents on your curls.
  • Don’t tighten the scrunchie or band.
  • Wrap all your hair with a scarf and only leave out only the curls.
  • The next morning, let your curls loose and enjoy them.


Ballerina Impeller

  • Comb all your hair to the crown of your head and gather it into a ponytail.
  • Dampen your hair and twist it into a bun. Hold it in place with bobby pins.
  • The next morning, let your hair down and apply a small amount of mousse to your curls to get a more natural movement.



If your hair is naturally straight and you want your curling iron curls to last overnight, get small curls and use hairspray after curling your hair.

Remember that you should also apply a heat protectant before using the curling iron to protect your hair from high temperatures.

And if possible, I recommend sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase to avoid frizz.

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