How should a hairdresser prepare the client before perming?

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If you’re about to get a perm, you should discuss the process with your hairdresser. Your stylist should ask you four questions before starting the process:

  • Your stylist should ask you about the history of your hair. Your stylist should know if you have bleached, colored, or had any other process before. Also, how many times you got them. You should also tell them about the hair products you use and how often you use them.
  • Your stylist should assess your hair’s health. If your hair is weak or dry, perming could irreversibly ruin it.
  • Your stylist should help you choose the type of perm that best suits your style and hair type. We’ll see this in detail later.
  • Your stylist should give you detailed instructions on how to care for your hair to maintain your curls and extend the duration of your perm.


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Can you get a perm on short hair?


When you want to achieve a goal, planning is the key.

  Applying a chemical process like perming to your hair requires preparation to avoid disappointment or ruining your hair.  


Those preliminary steps involve two people: you and your stylist.


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Before perming, you should have a thorough discussion with your stylist. There are many types of perms, and not all are suitable for all hair types.


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Your stylist should also assess your hair to confirm that it’ll withstand the process and give you a detailed hair care guide.

Your hair will change after perming. It’ll have specific needs, products, and care. Keep reading if you don’t want to be disappointed after perming your hair!


Your stylist should know the history of your hair before perming

hairdresser knows client's hair history before perm

If you have bleached your hair, you can’t apply a perm until the bleached hair is gone. This means you’ll have to wait a few months. While you wait, you should trim your hair every few months to remove the bleached sections faster.


The stylist won’t be able to perm your hair if you have had a keratin treatment or a permanent straightening. These processes thin the hair and damage its structure. If you perm your hair at that moment, it’ll break.

If you color your hair, your stylist will recommend that   you wait at least three months to perm your hair.   So, if your stylist doesn’t ask you about your hair’s history, care methods, or previous chemical processes, you should look for another professional.

That stylist is not used to preparing the client before perming and could ruin your hair.


Before perming your hair, your stylist should assess your hair’s health

hairdresser cuts ends before perming

As you may know, perming is a very aggressive chemical process for the hair’s internal and external structure. So, the stylist should ask you for an appointment before perming to prepare you for the procedure. The stylist will ensure your hair is fit for perming in the meeting.


  For example, if your hair is dry, damaged, or frizzy,   the perm fluid could break your hair’s structure. It could even cause hair loss.


  If the stylist decides that your hair won’t resist the perm,   the stylist will recommend deep moisturizing treatments twice a week. Then, they’ll ask you to wait one month to assess your hair again.

If your hair is recovered by then, it can be permed.


Your stylist should advise you on the most suitable perm for your hair

type of perm for hair

After assessing your hair, the stylist should ask about your goals and expectations with the perm.


Many professionals don’t consider clients’ wishes.

That’s why clients are usually unhappy after leaving the salon.


  So, I recommend you bring a photo with the perm type you want.   the stylist can explain if it’s suitable for you.

For example, if your hair is very thick and heavy, a very curly perm may not be suitable for your hair.


Ask the stylist to show you several alternatives. There are various sizes of rollers. The smallest the roller, the tighter the curl.

You should also let your stylist know if you want a very curly perm or a surf wave perm.


Your stylist should tell you how to care for your hair after perming

This is essential to extend the duration of your perm. What should you ask your stylist?



Now you know how your stylist should prepare you before perming. Follow these steps before you curl your hair to reach your objectives with a perm.

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