When is it Safe to Perm Hair After Bleaching? You should wait 4 weeks

bleached hair before perming

  • If you want to perm your hair safely after bleaching, it’s best to wait at least four weeks.
  • If you don’t wait four weeks to perm your hair safely after bleaching, you risk damaging it when you remove the curlers.
  • You should also prepare your bleached hair for those four weeks so that when the time comes, you can safely perm your hair. I’ll tell you more about that later.


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  Do you want to know when it’s safe to perm your hair after bleaching it?  


Generally, I advise my clients to wait four weeks to perm safely after bleaching.

That way, we make sure that the perm stays in the bleached hair.


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Moreover, different hair types look different after bleaching.

In other words, hair that has been bleached several times isn’t the same as hair that has undergone one bleaching session. Nor is fine hair the same as thick bleached hair.

Why do you have to wait four weeks after bleaching your hair to safely perm it?

permed bleached hair
  If you don’t wait four weeks,   and your bleached hair is too weak, you can break or burn your hair when perming it.

Don’t you believe me? Read on.


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Why you should wait four weeks to perm your hair safely after bleaching

There are two main reasons:   so that your hair isn’t at risk and to get perfect, fluffy, and shiny curls.  


Remember that you bleached your hair. Therefore, it went through a very aggressive chemical process.

Perms are also chemical processes.

When you arrive at the salon, the hairdresser will apply the perm liquid to your bleached hair and wrap each strand in the curlers to change the structure and shape of the hair. Then, they’ll apply heat to complete the process.

hairdresser tying curlers for hair perm
  If you don’t wait four weeks to perm safely after bleaching,   these could be the consequences:

  • Your ends are damaged by the perm liquid and need a trim.
  • Your hair falls out of the curlers because it has broken off.


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I’m not exaggerating.

It’s very dangerous to expose the hair to a chemical process as strong and debilitating as bleaching, let alone apply a perm a few days later. Perms are also chemical processes that change the hair structure.

I believe that you’ll choose safety over anxiety because that is what can save your hair from disaster.

Now, it’s also important that you prepare your bleached hair for perming. I’ll tell you how to do that below.


How to prepare bleached hair for perming

infrared heat hoop for hair perm

The most important thing after bleaching your hair is to strengthen it. And to do that, you need to restore moisture and nutrients.

I also want to reassure you. Before perming your hair, stylists will evaluate it to see if it will withstand the process, especially considering that your hair is bleached.


The stylist may even decide to prepare your hair with some professional products that are mixed with the perm liquid to protect your hair.

If you decide to have your hair permed in a salon that has the latest technology, instead of applying heat with a blow dryer, they’ll use an infrared heat ring that does not dry out the hair because it doesn’t use air.

During those four weeks before perming, I recommend applying moisturizing masks   to your bleached hair three times a week.  


Also, these masks aren’t expensive. You can use a natural oil, such as coconut oil, or a keratin mask that you can easily get in any store.

Here is a step-by-step on how to use either of these two masks.


Coconut oil mask

Coconut oil mask to strengthen bleached hair
You can also use argan or almond oil.

  • On damp hair, apply five drops of oil to the ends and lengths.
  • Massage your hair gently so that the oil is completely absorbed.
  • In the palm of your hand, place five drops of oil and place them on the lengths massaging all over the hair.
  • It’s important that   you don’t apply oil to your scalp or roots.  
  • Gather your hair and cover it with a shower cap. Leave the oil on for thirty minutes.
  • Rinse your hair with your usual shampoo and don’t use conditioner.


Keratin Moisturizing Mask

  • On your damp hair, apply the manufacturer’s mask of your choice from roots to ends.
  • Massage throughout your hair and scalp.
  • Gather your hair and cover it with a shower cap or thermal cap.
  • Leave the mask on for twenty minutes and rinse.   Don’t use shampoo or conditioner.  
  • Let your hair air dry.



If you want to perm your hair safely after bleaching, you should wait four weeks.

Bleaching will leave your hair weakened, and you’ll need those four weeks to strengthen it before perming.

If you don’t wait four weeks to perm your hair after bleaching, your hair will most likely burn.

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