Can I wet my perm every day? Yes, but wetting and washing aren’t the same thing

permed hair woman showing regret for wetting it

  • Once two days have passed after you got your perm, you will be able to wet and moisturize your curls every day.
  • This means you can wet your perm every day using just water to shape your curls, even applying a leave-in conditioner or styling cream.
  • But what you can’t do every day is wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. All you’ll do is ruin the shape of your curls and make the perm last for less time.


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As you can see, in this case,  it’s essential you’re clear about the difference between wetting or moisturizing your hair and washing your hair after a perm. 


Because, in this case, that subtle difference is substantial:

  •  You can wet your perm every day with just water.  You can do it in the shower or by spraying water on your curls.
  • But  washing your hair, using shampoo and conditioner, should only be done once or twice a week at most. 

Why is this difference between wetting and washing permed hair so important?


woman washing her permed hair

Because perming is a chemical process that changes the structure of your hair, and to do this, special liquids are used, which continue to sit in your hair for several hours after you leave the salon.

For this reason, it’s also important not to wet or wash your hair for 48 hours after perming.


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Now, once the first 48 hours after you got your perm has passed, you can wet your hair. We’ll go into this in more detail below.


How to wet your perm every day

woman wetting her permed hair with water

 The easiest way to wet your perm to shape your curls is to do it while showering.  Your hair will absorb water and will be ready for you to apply a styling product to shape your curls.

You can also wet your perm daily using a spray bottle filled with water to make your curls look nicer.


Water is also important to keep your hair hydrated. Don’t forget that curly hair is more porous. Therefore, just as it absorbs water quickly, it also loses it easily.


You’ve probably noticed in movies that when a woman with an afro enters the sea, she emerges from the waves, and her curls look almost completely dry. That’s what I mean when I say curly hair quickly loses moisture.

microfiber towel for perm hair drying

On the other hand, it’s also a good idea that after moisturizing or wetting your perm, you use a microfiber towel, or even an old cotton t-shirt, which will remove the excess water, keeping the shape of your curls.

And   don’t rub your hair when you dry your perm. Just gently squeeze the curls in the microfiber towel to prevent your hair from going frizzy. 


I also recommend letting your perm air dry, so the curls are more defined. Following all these tips to the letter, you can wet your perm every day without ruining your curls.

Now, how often should you wash your permed hair?


As a professional, I recommend you wash it once or twice a week at the most. This way, you will prevent your curls from stretching.


How to care for your perm to make it last longer

Batiste dry shampoo for permed hair

  •  Don’t comb your curls when your hair is dry.  Curly hair is more fragile and breaks more easily. Comb your curls when your hair is wet, and if possible, with conditioner.
  •  Use wide, wooden combs to avoid damaging your curls,  and forget about brushes or fine-tooth combs.
  •  Use sulfate-free products that don’t leave a greasy or oily residue.  The shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner you use shouldn’t contain sulfates. Sulfates will make your perm fade faster. It’s also important you use a leave-in conditioner that isn’t oil-based.
  •  To wash your hair more than once or twice a week, use dry shampoo.  Dry shampooing won’t ruin the perm. Remember to shake out your curls to remove the excess dust from dry shampooing.



You can wet your perm every day using just water to define and shape your curls. But remember, it’s important to shampoo and condition your hair once or twice a week at the most.

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