How to get rid of a perm after 6 months? And keep my hair healthy!

sad woman wants to get rid of perm

  • If you permed your hair six months ago, you could do deep moisturizing treatments to eliminate the perm residues.
  • You should also stop using products for curly hair. Instead, comb and detangle your hair with a comb every time you wash it.
  • If your perm is still too curly after six months, you can get a straightening at a salon. A professional hairdresser should do it.


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Can you wash out a perm with cold water? No, cold water won’t affect it


 Do you want to know how to get rid of a perm after six months? 


I’ll give you all the details later. But I can assure you that you’ll only have to follow three simple steps to get rid of your perm after six months:

  • First,  get rid of curly hair products. 
  • Second,   apply a deep moisturizing treatment at least once or twice per week. 
  • Third,   trim your ends monthly by one or two centimeters. 


It really strikes me that you want to get rid of your perm after six months. Why?

roots without a perm and stretched curls six months later


A perm lasts between three to six months. So,  I think you want to know how to get rid of those perm residues that look weird on your hair.  I close my eyes and picture you.

You have about six to eight centimeters of virgin roots and your curls are loose.

Am I right?

That’s what happens to hair six months after perming. The curls loosen, and frizz appears. You have slight, dull waves.

And that’s what really bothers you. So, you need to get rid of what’s left of the perm in your hair. And here’s how to do it.


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How to get rid of the perm residues after six months?

Every plan has step number 1. And in this case, it’ll be easy.


Don’t use hair products for curly hair

woman changes hair products 6 months after perm

If you don’t want more curls, you shouldn’t use products that define your hair. You probably have a friend who loves her curls. It’s time to give her the products.


Deeply moisturize your hair once or twice per week

 The more you moisturize your hair, the faster it’ll expel the residues of the perm chemicals.  You can use a warm coconut or argan oil mask.

  • Wet your hair and apply the oil on your lengths and ends.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on from 40 minutes to overnight.
  • Rinse with shampoo

If you apply this mask twice a week, you’ll soon notice your curls loosen. I also recommend using shampoo, conditioner, and deep moisturizing masks.


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Comb your hair after washing it

woman untangles her washed hair to undo the perm

Remember how you used to style your perm to define your curls? Exactly! You applied mousse or leave-in conditioner and styled your curls with your fingers.

In this case, you’ll have to do the opposite to get rid of the perm. After washing your hair and removing the excess water, comb and detangle it to stretch the curls further.


Trim your ends every month

When you had your hair permed, your stylist gave you a curl cut. And the bad news is that curl cuts are not for straight hair because they are uneven.

My advice is to trim your ends in layers every month to get rid of as much permed hair as possible.


Start your perming plan today and you’ll notice that there will be no curls left after a fortnight.

Now, if your perm is too curly after six months you may need to look for another solution. Read on.


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You can apply a permanent straightening to get rid of a very curly perm after six months

before and after permanent straightening on permed hair

 Please do it at a salon.  Six months ago, you applied a perm, so the chemical process broke the molecular bonds to form your curls. And those bonds are still intact.


If you perm your hair with perm residue on it, you can burn it.

That’s why you should get permanent straightening at a salon. In my salon, when a client wants to get rid of the perm by straightening, I include Olaplex 3 to restructure the DNA strands and repair the broken bonds.



It’s straightforward to get rid of the perm six months later because, usually, all left in the hair is the remains of the process. Don’t use products for curly hair; trim your ends, and moisturize your hair deeply once or twice a week.

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