What should a perm look like the day after? Your curls should look fine…

woman checks her perm the day after doing it

  • Your curls should look fine the day after you get a perm, although your perm may not look as “combed” as when you left the salon.
  • Your curls should also feel springy.
  • And it’s normal for some frizz to appear the day after a perm.


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 After getting a perm, you’re naturally afraid to do anything that might ruin it. 


So you walk straighter than a board, and if a gentle breeze blows, you guard your curls like a treasure. And you plan to sleep sitting up for days.


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But don’t overdo it. The day after your perm, your curls will still be there because the process changed the molecular structure of your hair.

So maybe it’s time for you to simply enjoy your perm. How?

By relaxing after reading what I have to tell you.


How to clear up your doubts about whether your perm is done right or wrong

woman looks in the mirror how her perm looks

 The first thing to ask yourself is this. Did you listen to your stylist about how to initially care for your new curly hair? 


If you listened to your stylist, you shouldn’t worry. Your curls will still be there the day after your perm and for a long time to come.

When you apply a process like perming, you completely change the natural structure of your hair.

So,  chances are that when you wake up the day after your perm, your first impression is that your curls will be uncombed.  But that’s all it will be. Your curls may be a little tousled, but they’re still there.


 And since it’s been 24 hours since you permed your hair, chances are your curls have relaxed just a little bit.  And that’s normal due to the weight of the hair itself.

What would not be normal is if your hair is straight or barely wavy.

That’s why it’s so important you don’t wash your hair for 48 hours after a perm. Because during those first 48 hours, the perm liquid finishes settling in the hair.


Finally, it’s also common for frizz to appear the day after a perm. And that’s because your curly hair rubbed against your pillow at night.

As you can see,  it’s normal for your curls to look a bit messy, unkempt, or frizzy the day after a perm. 


How to take care of your curls the first few days after a perm

shampoo for permed hair

 The day after getting a perm, there are several things you CANNOT do: 
  • You can’t wash your hair.
  • You can’t use styling cream.
  • You can’t use mousse.
  • You can’t wet your hair.


But to be balanced,  there are several things you CAN do: 

  •  Use a silk or satin pillowcase to avoid friction when sleeping . You can also use a silk scarf.
  • Sleep with your curls above your head so you don’t flatten them.
  • You can moisturize your curls using baby wipes if they’re frizzy over the next few days after a perm. Run the wipe gently through the messiest curls and model with your fingers.
  • You can also use facial mist, which is a natural moisturizer you can also use to moisturize your hair. Apply 2 or 3 pumps throughout your hair and style your curls.



Now you know what a perm should look like the day after it’s done. Go back to the mirror and look at your curls. They look good, don’t they? Then enjoy your curly hair!

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