What does a grown out perm look like? 3 tips to recognize one

woman thinking how the grown perm looks like

There are three clear signs to tell what a grown-out perm looks like.

  • Your perm has straight roots.
  • The curls have lost definition in the lengths and ends.
  • Some sections of your hair are flat while others are wavy.
  • Then you’ll have a decision to make: either go to the salon to renew your perm or get a layered cut to hide it. Or you can keep your grown-out perm, shaping your curls with curl cream or leave-in conditioner.


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 Want to know what a grown-out perm looks like? 

Then you’re one of these two types of people.

  • You’re anxious. You’ve just had your perm done and can’t enjoy the moment because you’re already worried about how your perm will look when it grows out.
  • You’re a practical person. And since you got your perm a long time ago, you want to know how it looks when it grows out so you can decide whether or not to renew your perm.


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I guess you’ve identified with one of these situations. If you’re feeling anxious, the first thing I advise you to do is to slow down your breathing.

That will calm you down and you’ll be able to learn what your permed hair will look like in the future. And meanwhile, you’ll be able to enjoy your new curls.

And if you’re a practical person, you’ll be able to look at your hair and figure out if your perm has already grown out to make the best decision.


Maybe  if your perm looks grown out but neat, and you don’t want to expose your hair to a new chemical process , you can maintain it by using products specifically designed for curly hair.

But we’ll talk more about that later. The signs of a grown-out perm are clear and distinct in different sections of the hair. Let’s take a look.

woman sees her curls lost definition because they grew

  •  The section of your hair where you’ll see your perm is grown out first is at the roots.  That’s the first place where the perm looks grown out because that’s where new hair is born, where the perm wasn’t applied. So your roots will be straight. The more time that’s passed since you permed your hair, the more inches of flat roots you’ll have.
  •  At the ends of an overgrown perm, the curls will have lost a lot of shape.  For example, your curls might look flat and undefined after sleeping. Or you might have a hard time shaping them even if you use curl cream.


That’s what a grown-out perm looks like. And if your perm has grown out, you have a decision to make. Let’s see what that decision might involve.


How to maintain a grown-out perm

cream to define curls in grown perm

If you’re considering keeping your grown-out perm, it’s because you don’t want to apply for a new one.

So  to style a perm that looks overgrown, i.e. the curls have lost shape and your roots are flat, you should use a leave-in conditioner and curl-styling cream. 

  •  On the days you wash your hair, use leave-in conditioner . After washing your hair with JUST shampoo, remove the excess water with a towel and apply a leave-in conditioner.
  •  On the days you don’t wash your hair, use curl cream , applying it to dry hair to shape your curls.


I also advise you to prepare your hair before going to bed. You can braid it or do a pineapple hairstyle to avoid flattening your curls while you sleep.


Other options for a fuller perm

layered haircut for grown perm

In this case, you have two options:

  •  Renew the perm . Go to the salon and ask your stylist to assess the health of your hair before getting a new perm. You can also ask them to advise you on the most durable types of perm.
  •  Do a layered cut . Why a layered cut? Because a layered cut will remove the most permed hair, leaving your hair neat but flexible.



Now you know what a grown-out perm looks like. And you also know what decision to make if your perm has grown out.

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