My Perm Isn’t Curly Enough; How Can I Fix it?

woman worried that her perm is not curly enough

There are three main reasons why your perm might not be curly enough:

  • Your hair is too long. Because of the hair’s weight, the curls lose their shape.
  • Your hair is naturally very straight and heavy. Evidently, your stylist didn’t use an extra strong perm liquid to shape small curls. Therefore, the result is a perm that’s not curly enough.
  • You didn’t wait at least 48 hours to wash your hair after the perm. Therefore, your curls lost their shape.


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Why is my perm not curly? For one of these 3 reasons


These are the possible reasons why your perm isn’t curly enough. And these reasons have two possible origins:

  •  Your perm is not curly enough because the stylist who did it made a mistake. 


Perhaps your stylist didn’t inform you of everything involved in a perm.

For example, perhaps they didn’t explain to you that an extra curly perm can’t be done on super long hair because the weight of the hair stretches the curls. If you wanted a perm with tight curls, they should have recommended trimming your hair before perming it.


woman with slightly curly perm because it flattened in her sleep

They likely should have even told you how to sleep so you don’t flatten your curls, at least for the first few days after the perm.

The same is true when your hair is straight, thick, and heavy. For this type of hair, you need to use an extra strong perm liquid, which can break the structure of the straight hair to shape the curl.


So your stylist had two choices: use that extra strong perm liquid or warn you that your perm would have waves instead of defined curls.

These are the mistakes the professional might have made. But something else could have also happened.

  •  Your perm is not curly enough because you made a mistake during the first days after getting your perm. 

After your perm, you must wait at least 48 hours to wash your hair. This gives your hair’s structure time to adjust to its new shape and for the curls to set.

If you didn’t wait at least two days to wash your hair after the perm, you would have interrupted the process. That’s why your perm isn’t curly enough.


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Is it time to blame yourself or your stylist?

No. It’s time to look for solutions. Because luckily, if your perm isn’t curly enough, you can still fix it.

How? Read on.


How to fix a perm that’s not curly enough

I’m one of those who believe that “skill is better than strength.” That’s why it’s no use sitting around cursing the universe. Save your energy and get to work to give more shape to that perm that isn’t curly enough.


Use hair products to shape your curls.

woman applies mousse to further curl her perm

  You can use various hair products to curl your perm more.  You can use gels, creams, leave-in conditioners, and setting sprays.

Apply a moderate amount of the product of your choice to your hair to prevent the curl from losing its shape. Style your perm with your hands.


Make the curls with the help of your fingers.

If you want to add definition to your permed hair, you can use your fingers to create additional curls.

Apply a leave-in conditioner or curl styling cream, then grab small sections of hair. Wrap the hair around your finger, holding it for a few seconds before releasing it.


Curl your perm with rollers.

curlers for more permanent curling

Wet your hair and apply gel, styling cream, or leave-in conditioner. Then wrap sections of hair around each roller.

If you decide to style your perm overnight, cover your head with a cap to hold the rollers in place. If you find it uncomfortable to sleep with the rollers overnight, use them during the day, leaving them in your hair for at least four hours.



Now you know why your perm is not curly enough. But from now on, you have new tools to give your curls more shape. With the help of some hair products for curly hair, you can achieve the curls of your dreams.

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