Why does my perm not last? It has to do with your hair

woman looks at her permed hair that doesn't last

There are three reasons why your perm doesn’t last.

Two of those reasons have to do with your hair and another one has to do with your care methods.

  • Reason 1: Your perm doesn’t last because your hair has low porosity. So, the perm fluid doesn’t penétrate your hair.
  • Reason 2: Your perm doesn’t last because your hair was too damaged before perming. In this case, you should seriously consider a deep repair routine. I’ll tell you why. Stick with me because it may be the best chance to save your hair.
  • Reason 3: Your perm doesn’t last because you don’t take proper care of it. I’ll show you how to extend its duration.


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How to style permed hair in the first 48 hours?


I understand your frustration.   You’ve had your hair permed and you were told that you’d enjoy fun curls for six months, but you notice that your perm doesn’t last.  


I know it’s easy to ask you to keep your cool. But it’s the only way to understand what happened to find the best solution without ruining your hair for good.

Why am I giving you this warning?


Perming is an aggressive process for the hair. It’s almost as aggressive as bleaching. So, if your perm doesn’t last, you shouldn’t run out to the salon to re-perm your hair.

Let’s see what you can do now with your perm that doesn’t last.


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If your perm doesn’t last, your hair may have low porosity

thick, limp hair where a perm doesn't last

Unfortunately, in this case, you can’t blame your stylist or even yourself if your perm doesn’t last. It’s not your fault that your hair has low porosity We cannot go against nature or genetics.

  If your hair has low porosity, it means that the cuticles are closed and it’s almost impossible to open them, even using products like perm liquids.  


Your hair is probably thick, heavy, and naturally straight.

After your stylist applied the perm liquid, your hair probably got some waves or curls Soon, all your hair curled due to heat and humidity.

However, after 48 hours and washing your permed hair for the first time, your curls disappeared. You may have been lucky enough to have some slight waves still.


What can you do now?

  Go to the salon. Talk to your stylist. Decide together when it’s the best time to get a new perm using EXTRA HOLD perm lotion.  

Your stylist will advise you on when you can re-perm your hair.


If your perm doesn’t last, your hair may have been too damaged before perming

the hair is very damaged before doing the perm and therefore does not last

Before applying the perm, your hair probably had a long history of bleaching, dyeing, or use of heat tools such as curling irons or flat irons.

These previous processes dried out the cuticles and turned your hair porous.   So, your hair couldn’t retain the perm lotion.  

How does the perm lotion work?


It opens the cuticles to modify your hair’s structure. However, in this case, the cuticles are too damaged due to the previous processes you applied. Therefore, the perm lotion cannot fully penétrate the hair.


  your hair could be in danger in this case.  


The perm liquid could further damage your hair and ruin it for good.

  The last thing you should do is worry about your perm not lasting. What you should be concerned about, instead, is your hair’s health.   The perm not lasting is the least of your problems.

People have visited me at the salon with ruined hair because they permed their damaged hair. They told me about terrible experiences of losing hair strands when they rinsed out the perm fluid.


If your hair was seriously damaged before perming, consider yourself lucky that the only consequence was your perm not lasting.

Start an urgent deep hair repair routine.

Unfortunately, the stylist who permed your hair didn’t do it right. They shouldn’t have permed your damaged hair.


If the perm doesn’t last, you may not be taking proper care for it

shampoo for permed hair

Part of the perming process is taking your responsibility for it.

Some reasons lead me to believe you probably don’t care for your perm properly.

  • Maybe you didn’t wait 48 hours to wash your hair after perming.
  • You may have used shampoo and conditioner instead of products for frizzy hair.
  • You probably applied heat to your hair.
  • You may have used a moisturizing mask for damaged hair.

That’s the opposite of what you should do to extend your perm’s duration. Instead,

  • You should use shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.
  • You should nourish your hair with moisturizing masks for curly hair.
  • You could include a leave-in conditioner for curls in your hair care routine.
  • You can diffuse your hair with cool or warm air.



Now you know why your perm didn’t last. So, before making any decisions, ask a professional hairdresser for a customized solution.

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