Is Your Perm Flat After Sleeping? Here I’ll tell you how to fix it in the morning

woman with flat hair perm after sleep

  • If your perm is flat after sleeping, dampen your hair and apply curl styling cream or leave-in conditioner.
  • And once you’ve distributed the styling cream throughout your hair, pull all your hair forward, place it between the palms of your hands, squeeze it for several seconds, and then release it. You’ll see how the curls are formed instantly.
  • To avoid your perm going flat after sleeping, here are two foolproof methods to keep your curls even when you sleep.


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Why is my perm not curly? For one of these 3 reasons


 Are you disappointed because your perm went flat after sleeping? Do you feel like those dreams where you woke up and jumped out of bed with perfectly shaped and elastic curls are behind you? 


Don’t despair. Because truth be told, that’s no reason to despair or be disappointed.

Do you know why your perm goes flat when you sleep?

woman with hair perm misaligns her hair to sleep

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It’s because of something you haven’t fully realized yet. The perm radically changed the internal structure of your hair.

Your hair is not the same after your perm. That’s why you must change habits, hairstyles, hair products, and even your sleeping posture.

Don’t panic! I’m not saying you should sleep standing up. You will only have to arrange your hair so your head doesn’t flatten the curls while you sleep. And I’ll give you the details on how to do this in a moment.


That’s why I always insist on the importance of the hairdresser talking to the client before and after the perm. Because after a perm, you should leave the salon knowing how to take care of your curls so the perm lasts longer.


But what’s done is done. If you missed out on some information about taking care of your perm so it doesn’t go flat after you sleep, today we will fix that mistake.

Do you follow me?


How to fix a flat perm in minutes

woman fixing her hair perm that look flat after sleeping

I start with this question because I understand your urgency: you woke up, your curls are flat and you don’t have much time before leaving for work. There will be time later to delve into how you should prepare your hair before going to sleep so your perm doesn’t go flat during the night.


And before I give you a foolproof technique to resurrect your flattened curls, let me clarify something:

  • It’s normal for looser perms, such as beach waves, to go flat overnight because the curl is more relaxed.
  • It’s also normal that if your hair is long, the perm will go flat because it’s difficult to control every inch of your hair when you sleep. However, I’ll also give you the solution so your perm doesn’t go flat while you sleep for these two cases.


Now let’s bring those curls back to life!

What will you need?

cream to reactivate permanent hair that is flat


Technique to reactivate curls after sleeping

  • Wet your hair. If it’s more convenient, you can use a spray bottle to moisturize your hair. Remember, don’t wet your hair so much that it drips.
  • Place some curling cream or leave-in conditioner in the palm of your hand and work it through your curls.
  •  Lean forward, and pull all your hair forward. 
  • Place it in the palms of your hands and gather it up to your scalp.
  • Squeeze it tightly for a few seconds and release.
  • Repeat this action three times.


Now, look at your hair. Does it look the same as when you woke up this morning? Of course not! Your perm has come back to life in less than five minutes.

Now that you’re calmer since your perm isn’t flat anymore, let’s look at what you should do the night before with your hair so your perm doesn’t lose definition and shape.


How to keep your perm from going flat overnight in 2 steps

woman preparing her permed hair before bed

Step 1: Apply a leave-in conditioner or curl cream before you go to bed

Your hair must be completely dry to apply either of these two products. Distribute the product patiently and evenly so your curls don’t go stiff. The point of curls is for them to be elastic and moving.


Step 2: Arrange your curls so they don’t go flat

This step is important so your perm doesn’t go flat when you lay your head down to sleep. And there are two methods to do this.

  •  The pineapple head method for extra curly perms : gather all your hair above your head or crown and place a silk scarf around the sides. Tie the knot at the front, and your curls will stay on top of your head.
  •  The braiding method for loose perms : divide your hair in two, and make two loose braids. When you release the braids the next morning, your surfer waves will look perfect.



In addition to preparing your hair for bedtime to prevent your perm from going flat, remember to avoid cotton pillowcases, sleeping with wet hair, or brushing your curls before going to bed.

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