My perm fell out the same day I got it: can I fix it?

Woman wonders why her perm fell apart the same day she got it

  • If your perm fell out the same day you got it, it’s beyond repair.
  • Some mistake was made during the application.
  • Perhaps you didn’t use the curlers correctly, or you didn’t use the right perm liquid for your hair type. Or maybe you didn’t rinse the neutralizing liquid properly.
  • If your perm fell out the same day you got it and your hair is dry and damaged, my professional advice is to remove the remains of the perm that went wrong. I’ll tell you how to do this later.


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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  But if your perm fell out the same day you got it, it’s beyond repair. Evidently, they did “something” wrong in the salon. 


I don’t want to defend the indefensible. So I must admit that just as there are good stylists, there are bad stylists. Just as there are stylists with years of experience in perming, there are stylists who are just taking their first steps.

And then, if it just so happens that you run into a bad stylist or one with little experience, a terrible thing happens: your perm falls out the same day you get it.


In favor of my colleagues and my beloved profession, I’ll also say that perming is a complex process. It has several stages.

And each of them is important, from choosing the size of the curlers and placing them correctly to rinsing the neutralizing liquid out.

hairdresser puts on curlers for perm

In addition, as perming is a harsh chemical process for hair, if it falls out the same day you got it, you can’t reapply it immediately.

 You’ll have to wait at least four to five weeks to perm your hair again.  I advise choosing another salon to do it.


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see what may have happened to your perm that caused it to fall out within a few hours. Because, in all honesty, I can assure you of one thing.


If your perm fell out the same day you got it, the salon did the process wrong

hairdresser talks to client before doing perm

And possibly, the mistakes started even before they started perming your hair. Why do I say this?

Because   the stylist must evaluate your hair before perming it. 


From that evaluation, they’ll be able to tell the type of perm fluid to apply, the size of the curlers, and how long they should blow-dry your hair so the perm will be perfect and last longer.

One thing that makes a perm fall out the same day is if your hair isn’t porous.

 When you have hair that isn’t porous, the perm liquid must be extra strong. And before applying it, you must soften your hair so the liquid can penetrate. 


When your hair isn’t very porous, the hair cuticles don’t open and the perm liquid can’t penetrate. That means the process doesn’t work, and the perm falls out after a few hours.

If your hair is naturally straight, thick, or heavy, it’s likely not very porous. And in this type of hair, it’s tough to apply chemical processes to change the hair structure. So you must choose professionals with a lot of experience in perming.


If this is your case, I suggest you look for a stylist with a lot of experience in perming. They will evaluate your hair to determine if they can reapply the process.


Here’s another potential problem.  Perhaps the professional didn’t rinse out the neutralizing liquid properly. Therefore, your perm fell out within a few hours. 

hairdresser rinses neutralizing liquid

This liquid is applied to neutralize the effect of the perm liquid. If you don’t rinse it out properly, it will remove all the changes the perm liquid made because it contains developer. And because of this, the perm falls out after a few hours.

Unfortunately,  if the stylist didn’t rinse out the neutralizing liquid properly, you’ll have to wait four to five weeks to reapply a perm. 


And in the meantime, you have two jobs: find a salon with professionals with lots of perming experience and moisturize your hair with deep conditioners and masks.


How to remove a perm that has fallen out within a few hours

woman washes her hair to remove rest of perm

If your beautiful curls fell out the same day you permed your hair, I’m guessing you’re not happy with the way your hair looks.

You may find it dry, damaged, and frizzy. What you can do is  remove the remains of the perm that went wrong.  How?

  • Wash your hair immediately with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Then, apply keratin or coconut oil masks twice a week.
  • And finally, trim your ends. These will be what the process damaged the most. Cut them off because they have no solution.

You must maintain a weekly deep moisturizing routine. The more you moisturize your hair, the faster it will expel the remains of the perm liquid. And the faster it will recover from the chemical process.



A good perm never falls out the same day you get it. Not the same day nor over the following days. Repair your hair and consult an experienced perming professional to set a date to redo your perm.

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