Keratin treatment ruined my curls; how can I recover them?

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  • If you feel the keratin treatment ruined your curls, don’t worry. You’ll recover your curst two weeks later.
  • The first waves will appear in your hair after the first few washes. Then, fifteen days later, you’ll have your curls again.
  • As the keratin treatment is sealed with heat, it straightens your hair during the first days.
  • But after a few washes, you’ll enjoy your curly hair again. I’ll tell you how to do it.


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Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair: before and after, reviews and side effects


 Did the keratin treatment ruin your curls? 


I hear you. I often meet women at my salon with ruined hair after keratin treatments.

Some decided to apply the treatment, and others did it at the salon.

In both cases, they usually have high expectations because the keratin treatment has earned the reputation of repairing the hair. And it does.


However, you should know how it works to have realistic expectations.

Chances are you’ve had keratin treatment because you wanted your curls to look voluminous, beautiful, and frizz-free. Instead, you feel like you ended up with ruined curls.

curly hair before applying keratin

And you feel that your curls are ruined because they are simply not there. Then, you feel cheated. You wanted to keep your healthy curls.

Instead, now you look in the mirror and all you see is completely straight hair.


But rest assured. You haven’t been cheated or scammed. Perhaps, if you went to a salon to have a keratin treatment on your curly hair, the stylist didn’t know how to inform you about the side effects of the treatment properly.

So, to reassure you, I’ll tell you something very important:  your curls aren’t ruined. 


The straightening effect will disappear after a few washes. And I can assure you that after a fortnight, your curls will come back.

And they’ll come back recharged because they have all the benefits of the keratin treatment.

Now, if you don’t want to wait a fortnight to show off your curls again, there’s a way to recover them faster. And that’s what I’m going to tell you about.


How to restore curls after keratin treatment

keratin treatment for curly hair in salon

Now that you’re more relaxed because you know that the keratin treatment didn’t ruin your curls, it’s time to get to work.

 If you can’t live without your curls, you can get them back quickly,  almost magically.

All you’ll need to do is use specific products for curly hair. You probably already used them before you had the keratin treatment.


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Let me guess.

You probably have a curl-defining cream. And I’m sure you also have an anti-breakage serum and a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.

You just need to keep using these products to get your curls back. And they’ll come back more beautiful than ever.

After the first few washes, loose waves will appear in your hair until your curls finally emerge from the depths stronger than ever.

curls restored after keratin

But, don’t lose sight of something very important. I want to help you get your curls back without damaging your hair. After all, you have applied a keratin treatment to repair it, and you shouldn’t throw it away.

Therefore,  my professional advice is to use products for curly hair that don’t remove the keratin you have applied. 


So, ideally, you should use products for curly hair that contain keratin. For example:

  • OGX CURLING PERFECTION, which is a modeling cream with argan oil that will help you define your curls without ruining the keratin.
  • SEXYHAIR BIG BLOW DRY GEL VOLUMIZING, to add volume to your curls.
  • TRESEMMÉ PRO CARE CURLS shampoo and conditioner for curly hair


What is important is that you use products for curly hair. These products are light and keep the volume and shape of your curls.


Finally, as you already know that your curls aren’t ruined and that you’ll get them back in a few days, don’t apply any other type of process to your hair, such as bleaching or detox shampoo.

Otherwise, you’ll definitely ruin your curls and hair health. You can’t remove the keratin treatment, and you don’t need to either. After all, the treatment gave your hair the nutrients and moisture it needed.

Most of my clients with curls assume the application of the keratin treatment as a transitory change of look. After the straightening effect disappears, the curls come back shinier and stronger than before.



As the keratin treatment is sealed with heat, when you apply it to your curly hair, the curls disappear for a while. But after a few washes, you’ll notice that they come back.

Therefore, continue to use specific products for curly hair with keratin to boost the full benefits of the keratin treatment. This way, your curls will look healthy and frizz-free.

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