Can you touch your hair after a perm? No, definitely not

woman touching her permed hair

  • After a perm, you cannot touch your hair in any way for at least 48 hours.
  • Therefore, you can’t comb it, stretch the curls, tuck the curls behind your ears, put a hat on, or even touch them lightly with your fingers during those first 48 hours after a perm.
  • If you touch or fiddle with your hair immediately after getting your perm, your curls will lose shape and definition.


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What should a perm look like the day after? Your curls should look fine…


 Did you just get a perm and feel tempted to touch your new curls? 


I know that feeling. I’ve seen it hundreds of times in my salon after a new perm.


But touching your hair immediately after a perm means you’re interrupting the process going on inside each hair.

 If you want a perm that lasts at least six months, you shouldn’t touch your hair until at least 48 hours afterward. 


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This is because perming is a process that breaks the keratin bonds inside each hair to give it a new shape or structure. In this case,  the perm makes the hair curly.

And this process takes 48 hours to finish as the bonds are being strengthened in their new curly structure. Therefore,  if you touch your perm during these first 48 hours, the curls will lose shape and definition. 


vista de atrás de mujer tocando su permanente recién hecha

What do I mean when I say you can’t touch your perm during the first 48 hours afterward? Let’s look at some examples.

  • You can’t take a curl between your fingers, start curling it absentmindedly, or touch it all the time.
  • You can’t detangle your curls with your fingers.
  • You can’t stretch your curls even if it amuses you how they bounce back.
  • And even if you like it when your boyfriend gently strokes your hair, don’t let him show his love on your new curls.


Of course,  you can’t touch your freshly permed hair with dirty hands or tie it in a ponytail or braids either.  You can’t even use a bobby pin to hold one of your new curls, no matter how unruly your hair gets.


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Two days after getting your perm, you can fiddle with your new curls however you like. You can touch them, stretch them to see how they bounce, and even let your boyfriend lose his fingers in your curls without fear.

Now let’s review what else you shouldn’t do besides not touching your perm for the first 48 hours.


What NOT to do in the first 48 hours after getting a perm

woman seems to take note of what not to do to her permed hair

Sorry to be tedious, but it’s a long list of “don’ts” if you want your perm to last at least six months.

But don’t worry! This will only be for 48 hours, those first vital two days after you get your perm.

  •  You shouldn’t touch your hair constantly. 
  • Don’t stretch your curls.
  • You shouldn’t wet or wash your perm.
  • Don’t use any hair products, not even for curly hair.
  •  Don’t comb your perm with your fingers, combs, or a brush. 
  • You must not tie your hair back in a ponytail or bun.
  • Don’t expose your hair to the sun. Otherwise, your scalp will sweat.
  • Avoid humid places so your hair cuticles don’t absorb moisture.
  • You should avoid cold places so your hair doesn’t harden.


You’re probably thinking you won’t even be able to sleep. But don’t worry, the initial care of your perm doesn’t go that far.

However, as far as possible, use a silk scarf to gather your hair. This will prevent your curls from breaking or frizzing while you sleep.

To use a silk scarf on your perm, arrange your hair in what’s known as a “pineapple head.”

  • Turn your head upside down, making your curls fall freely.
  • Make a triangle with the silk scarf.
  • Wrap your curls with the scarf, starting at the nape of your neck and covering your entire head.
  • Stand up and let your hair fall over the scarf.
  • Tie a knot at the front with the ends.

If you arrange your perm this way before you go to sleep, you’ll protect your curls. They won’t lose their shape, and you’ll avoid flattening your perm. You won’t touch your curls even when you’re asleep.



After a perm, don’t touch your curls for at least 48 hours. Sweat and dirt from your hands can disrupt the process you’ve just done to your hair.

Don’t touch, comb, or detangle your hair for 48 hours after a perm.

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