Can you use leave-in conditioner after a perm? Yes, and I’ll tell you how to use it here

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  • You can use a leave-in conditioner on your perm if you notice your curls are dry, frizzy, or falling out.
  • If your perm has beach waves, I recommend leave-in conditioners in mousse or spray. And if your perm has tight curls, I recommend leave-in conditioner as a cream.
  • How often you use it will depend on the consistency of your chosen leave-in conditioner. I’ll give you all the details later.


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 Do you want to use leave-in conditioner because you feel your permed hair is too dry and frizzy? Do you need to give your perm volume and movement? 


Then you can use a leave-in conditioner on your perm.


Because leave-in conditioners shape, define, moisturize, and eliminate frizz from permed hair.

But they also have two additional benefits:


With all this in mind, how often should you use leave-in conditioner? That’s what I’ll talk about next.


How often to use leave-in conditioner on permed hair

leave-in conditioner to use after perm

Generally, it’s recommended to apply it after every wash to keep your hair moisturized until the next wash. But you can also use it to shape your curls one day after washing your hair.


In the salon, I use leave-in conditioners with different consistencies according to my clients’ hair needs. Therefore, based on my experience and the experience of many of my clients, this is how often you should use a leave-in conditioner on permed hair:

  •  If you use spray leave-in conditioner , you can apply it every other day to moisturize and shape your curls.
  •  If you use a mousse leave-in conditioner , you can use it every day as it’s light and won’t leave your curls heavy and limp.
  •  If you use cream leave-in conditioner , you can use it every 48 hours so your hair won’t be heavy.


I recommend you include leave-in conditioner in your hair care routine if you notice your perm is dry, rough, and with straight or split ends. All these symptoms show that your hair is extra dehydrated.

And when permed hair is dehydrated, curls lose elasticity, definition, and movement.

So what should your leave-in conditioner include? Moisturizing ingredients! For example:

  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil
  • Silk protein
  • Avocado oil


Are you wondering how to choose the right consistency for your hair?

The looser your perm, the less heavy the leave-in conditioner should be. This way, you won’t unravel your curls.

  •  If your perm has beach waves , choose a spray or mousse leave-in conditioner.
  •  If your perm has tight curls , choose a cream leave-in conditioner.



You can now use leave-in conditioner if your perm is dry and limp. But you can also use it to define and shape your curls.

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