How often should you wash permed hair? Should you wash it every day?

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  • If you have normal scalp type, wash your permed hair every other day.
  • If you have a dry scalp, wash your permed hair every two days.
  • If your scalp is oily, wash your permed hair every day.

In this article, we’ll look at each case in depth. I’ll also recommend products to take care of your permed hair according to your scalp type.


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Did you get a beautiful perm and now you’re wondering how often you should wash your hair?

Do you feel dirty if you don’t wash your hair every day?


Let’s see.

I’d like to explain   how often you should wash your hair now that you have dream curls.  


To take care of that permanent curl,   you’ll need to wash and style it with special products   to keep it healthy.

In this article, I’ll tell you what the ideal wash for your permed hair looks like. Let’s go!

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What’s the ideal wash if I have permed hair?

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  Hair washing deserves all our attention.   It’s a ritual for our health.

However, our busy and rushed routines often don’t allow us to do things in the best way. What do I mean?


80% of people wash their hair on the run.

Usually, they use unsuitable products. Have you noticed that?


  Most people wash their hair with whatever products they find in the bathroom.  

But let me tell you something: The ideal wash exists and it’s just as important as the skill of the stylist who did your perm.

Pay attention to what follows because I’ll detail everything you need to know about washing your permed hair.


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Perm washing frequency according to your scalp type

Woman washing her curly hair

How do I wash my permed hair if I have an oily scalp?

If you have an oily scalp, you have no choice. You’ll have to wash your hair every day. That often?


Yes, because as your scalp   is oily, it needs daily cleansing.

  But does this mean that my perm will be ruined faster?


Of course not!
  The real problem isn’t that you wash your hair every day.   The problem lies in how you wash your hair, the products you use, and the care you give your perm after washing.

Products for permed oily hair (and how to use them)

  If you have an oily scalp, avoid massaging it too hard when washing.   It could stimulate the sebaceous gland and increase excess sebum.

Instead, massage gently with a shampoo for oily hair and choose sulfate-free and clay-based products that will cleanse it deeply without drying it out.


Try to rinse all products to avoid   accumulation of residues that could further grease your hair.   Make sure you buy a conditioner and a moisturizing mask. Avoid heavy products.

That’s not all! When it comes to styling, use a curl activator spray and leave out the cream products.


How do I wash my permed hair if I have a normal scalp?

The ideal frequency for washing your normal permed hair is every other day.

This will depend on how long your hair goes without washing or the activities you do.   Choose to wash your hair every other day   according to your convenience.


Products for normal permed hair (and how to use them)

You should use a moisturizing shampoo for normal or curly hair. You can use a   moisturizing conditioner and then a moisturizing or nourishing mask,   according to your hair’s need. If it feels a little rough, use a nourishing mask instead.


Don’t forget! Wash your hair every other day.

When styling,   you can choose   a styling cream or spray.


How do I wash my permed hair if I have a dry scalp?

If you have a dry scalp type, ideally you should wash your hair every two days or every other day at the most. Why?


  Your dry hair can become too frizzy if you wash it more often.   Organize your washing routine according to your activities and alternate washing days.


Products for dry permed hair (and how to use them)

If you have dry hair, it runs the risk of looking frizzy. Therefore, you should use a   shampoo for dry hair and a nourishing conditioner and mask to define your curls. 

As for styling, you can do it with any curly hair product. Remember that the key to a successful perm is to keep your hair nourished and moisturized.  


How should you wash your permed hair?

moisturizing products

No matter what type of perm you have and no matter what type of scalp you have, , the ideal washing procedure or ritual for permed hair is the following.

  • Wet your hair.
  • Place the shampoo in the palm of your hand and distribute it along the forehead, sides, cusp, and nape of the neck.
  • Massage gently and rinse.
  • Apply conditioner to your lengths and massage in a downward motion.
  •   Detangle your hair while you have conditioner in.   Use a wide-tooth comb and then rinse.
  • Apply the mask from the ears down and comb through again. Rinse out the product thoroughly.


These are all steps you should do every time you wash your hair.   The duration of your perm depends on the hydration or nourishment of the hair   according to your scalp type and curls.


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How do I keep my hair clean without washing it? It gets too greasy if I don’t wash it!

Girl applying dry shampoo on her hair

If your dry or normal hair can’t last a day without being washed,   help yourself with a dry shampoo to respect the suggested washing frequency.  


Dry shampoos are an excellent option for spacing out washes. They help absorb excess oil from the scalp.

In fact, they are one of the secrets to shiny curls.


3 tips to make your hair perm a success 

  • Don’t dry comb your perm. If you do, you could ruin it. Only comb your hair at the time of washing with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Always use products to style and activate the curls of your perm.
  •   Use shampoo, conditioner and curl mask   that are suitable for your hair type.


Conclusion: Follow the right washing frequency for your hair type and your perm will look great

As we have seen in this article,   the washing frequency for your permed hair depends on your hair type. 

Now you know that the important thing for your perm to last long is not so much the frequency, but   the products you use to wash your hair and the styling of your curls.  


Get to work, those curls won’t take care by themselves!

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