Leaving BLUE shampoo in your hair for an hour: good or rotten idea?

woman with orange hair has doubts about blue shampoo

  • Leaving blue shampoo in your hair for an hour is a terrible idea.
  • Not only will your hair turn completely blue, but it will also become brittle and dull.
  • You should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the blue shampoo you use. And regarding exposure times, most manufacturers recommend leaving it on for a maximum of five minutes.


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I hope this is clear.  Leaving blue shampoo in your hair for an hour is a rotten idea. 


I’ll explain why.

Blue shampoo tones down orange hair. If you leave it on for five minutes, as most manufacturers recommend, it will remove the harsh orange tones out of your hair.


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But if you leave it in for longer, the shampoo will leave more pigment than your hair needs and it will start to turn blue. Yes, just imagine. Your hair will start to turn blue.


Well, it won’t actually be a crisp blue like the sea when it’s calm, or a defined, medium blue. It will be dark blonde hair, with some orange hues and some bluish hues maybe even some greenish tones.

That’s right, a real party of colors.

But this isn’t even the worst thing that will happen. Do you know why? Read on.


If you leave blue shampoo in your hair for an hour you will damage your hair

joico color blue

Why is this?  Because color shampoos, when not used correctly, dry out the hair. 

And then, in addition to your hair turning bluish, it will become weak.


So from blonde hair, you’ll go to brittle blonde/orange/blue hair.

Because blue shampoo contains chemicals, including sulfur, which can dry out your hair and strip it of the natural oils your scalp produces.


 If you leave it in your hair longer than the manufacturer recommends , your hair fiber will start to lose moisture.

And that moisture loss will increase with each application, leaving your hair weak and brittle.


In addition,  if you leave blue shampoo in your hair for an hour, you will also lose some of the brightness of your base color. 


And therefore, your hair will be dull and dark, in terms of brightness.

Finally, after leaving the blue shampoo in for an hour, your hair will also be saturated with product residue.

These residues can clog the pores of your scalp, stopping hair growth and causing dandruff.

All of this means we arrive at a truth.


You must leave blue shampoo in your hair for the time indicated by the manufacturer

Here I can only talk about very general times because I don’t know what brand of blue shampoo you use. So, the best thing to do is to read the product label.

Some manufacturers recommend you use the shampoo once a week for 5 to 7 minutes. Other manufacturers advise you to use it two or three times a week for 1 to 3 minutes.

You may even find that some brands claim you can use blue shampoo on dry hair as a mask.


All of these recommendations have to do with the intensity of the pigments. Some blue shampoos contain more intense and long-lasting pigments. Therefore,  the manufacturer recommends you leave it in your hair for less time and use it less frequently. 


Now, what I can tell you is the best way to use blue shampoo.

  • Wet your hair with hot water to open the hair cuticles for three minutes.
  • Drain excess water.
  • Apply a generous amount of blue shampoo and massage it in for better distribution throughout your hair from the roots to the ends.
  •  Leave it on for the time recommended by the manufacturer , which of course will never be as much as an hour.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water so that the cuticles close and retain the color.
  • Let your hair dry naturally.



In general, you should always leave blue shampoo in your hair for three to five minutes. But I advise you to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Because the time you need to leave it in will depend on the intensity of the pigments.

If you leave purple shampoo on your hair for an hour, you will damage your hair, leaving it weak and brittle. In addition, your blonde hair will end up with orange and bluish tones. You may even end up with completely bluish-looking hair.

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