Can you use keratin shampoo every day? Only if your hair needs it

woman holds bottle of keratin shampoo

  • You can use keratin shampoo every day because keratin shampoo is a mild shampoo. It doesn’t remove the natural oiliness of the scalp.
  • Although you can use keratin shampoo every day, you should evaluate if you need to wash your hair each day with this shampoo. And below, I’ll give you some clues to find out.
  • Remember that in most cases, it’s not recommended to wash your hair every day.


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Now you know.  You can use keratin shampoo daily. It’s a gentle and safe type of shampoo for daily use. 


Why is keratin shampoo safe for daily use?


Because it doesn’t have a high dragging capacity, each type of shampoo has a different dragging capacity. Shampoos contain elements that “drag” the deposits of natural oils from your scalp, dirt from the environment, and hair product residues.

The more aggressive the shampoo is, the more “dragging” capacity it has.


For example, clarifying shampoo removes any material from your hair because it has a high dragging capacity. For this reason, it’s only recommended to use clarifying shampoo once every two weeks or once a month.


 If we’re talking about keratin shampoo, you could use it daily. Why? It’s because it doesn’t remove the natural oils from the scalp since its “dragging” capacity is quite low. It also provides an essential hair protein. 


Do you really need to wash your hair daily with keratin shampoo? We’ll talk about that next.


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When to use keratin shampoo every day

woman washes her hair with keratin shampoo

I’ve often been asked, “Alejandra, how many times a week should I wash my hair?”

And to that question,  , my recommendation will always be the same. It’s best to wash your hair at most three times a week. Of course, this is in general terms. 


Why is it advisable to wash your hair three times a week at most?


It’s because your scalp secretes oil that moisturizes the hair follicles, where new hair grows. If you wash your hair daily, you’ll remove this natural oil, and the hair follicles will grow weaker.

Therefore, you run the risk of drying out and weakening your hair.


Now, everyone’s hair is different and has different needs, and also, everyone uses different brands and kinds of shampoo.

For example:


  •  If your hair is oily , wash your hair more than three times a week. But you can also alternate using dry shampoo with a regular wash.
  •  If you use a lot of styling products , use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month.
  •  If you color your hair , use sulfate-free shampoos.
  •  If you have permed hair , use a shampoo designed for curly hair.


Considering everything I’ve explained, when would I recommend using shampoo with keratin daily?

keratin shampoo


Well,  I recommend using keratin shampoo daily if you’ve bleached your hair or it’s extremely dry and brittle. 


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But you can’t use it every day indefinitely. That’s when daily washing could ruin your hair.

With that in mind,  I recommend you start washing your hair daily with keratin shampoo for a week. 


Wet your hair, then apply the keratin shampoo. Let it work for two minutes, then rinse it out. Apply the shampoo again and let it work for up to four minutes so that the vitamins, minerals, and proteins work on your hair.

One week after using keratin shampoo every day, check your hair:

  • Is your hair shinier?
  • Is it easier to untangle your hair?
  • Do you see less frizz than before?
  • Does your hair feel softer?


If you can see all these improvements in your hair, it means the keratin shampoo worked. It’s provided your hair with moisture and nutrients, strengthening and controlling excess humidity.

As a result, your hair is less frizzy, tamer, and stronger.

So, my advice from now on is to use keratin shampoo three times a week instead of every day. That way, you’ll maintain the effects it achieved.



Although keratin shampoo is gentle with little dragging capacity, remember that as a general rule, it’s best to just wash your hair up to three times a week.

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